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    Feeding the Homeless - Thanksgiving

    I know this is late but the article below has the contact information. It is not the number for the ballet school. A Community Thanksgiving
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    Dance studio

    The link below is to the school that in my opinion is your best bet for dance training. From the youngest dancer to those wanting a professional career. The school is very well respected in the ballet world and known around the country for the instruction given to students. Many graduates of the...
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    Dance studio

    It's good that you have found a place that you are more comfortable with. I went to see the show as well. It was very cute. Performance season has already started for me. I'm making a costume mock up right now for a ballet and choreographers have already met to map out the show. Now sometime...
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    Dance studio

    If you are just looking for your child to perform a lot, a classical ballet school will not fit that bill. Ballet schools concentrate on teaching technique. Making sure a dancer is well trained (for the childs age) before they perform is normal. Being on a stage for 2 minutes is a lot of time if...
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    Dance studio

    In Charles County I would say Ballet Arts Academy. If you have a little one start them off in the foundation class (ballet). In a school with classical training. In Calvert and St. Mary's I recommend Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet. Ha...just saw that this thread is from 2007
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    Great Heart Doctor...

    Thank you Chasey.
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    Great Heart Doctor...

    I have SVT and have been going to Dr. Brady in Huntingtown. She has been great. Patuxent Cardiology
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    House near Vera's

    Do you mean the house that the road splits around? It was a private home in the 80's.
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    After hours Artists

    Annmarie Garden has dance classes in the evenings.
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    I forgot to post a link to Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet's Wesite. Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet
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    I live in Calvert. Ended up going to Barnes & Noble in Annapolis because Bay Books did not have the book that my daughter needed.
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    Is there a bookstore in wildwood?
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    Dance Classes

    :yay: The foundation for all dance forms.
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    adult dance classes?

    Check your PM.