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    How many Supreme Court justices are alive?

    As was true in 2016, the SCOTUS makeup is the most important issue in this election. Nobody really cares how well COVID-19 was managed, how many jobs were provided previously unemployed citizens, how many taxes were paid or not paid, etc.
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    Alright. Who kicked this idiot in the head?

    Trump doesn't have to be smart. He just has had to learn the lessons by personally investing/winning/losing fortunes. None of his critics or opponents have had the guts, the backing, the willingness to put their fortunes on the line.
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    Alright. Who kicked this idiot in the head?

    There's the very slightest likelihood you may have kick-started what few gray cells he's sporting in that cavity and he's maybe waking up. But I wouldn't put any money on it.
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    At Least Both are AA

    Since the Democrats run the elections in New York, I guess Blake should take the Democrat party to court.
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    This may have been posted earlier. Cancel Culture missed this one? Or just turned a blind ear.
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    Uh oh..this is bad news...

    My eldest son was the goober in the suit for about two years. Today he's an anti-Trump leftist. I wonder how that happened.
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    Meanwhile, in Buffalo...

    Go back and watch the video of the "shove" and the "stepping past the body" Watch the offending-officer nearer the camera as he stops, bends down toward the "crisis actor" or "victim." An uninvolved officer presses the guy to get back in line and radios for what (ambulance, senior officer...
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    Meanwhile, in Buffalo...

    Bleeding from the ears is quite prodigeous when there is basal skull fracture. Haven't heard what his injury was, have we?
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    I don't feel they are sincere

    Pssst. It was the grasshopper, not the Cricket.
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    Some new light on the father-son shooting of a black man

    Naw, they chased him with a shotgun (which the firearm that killed him) and a handgun.
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    Stimulus check letter

    That's the most entertaining part of this whole deal. They can be walking down the street and throw a seizure without anyone touching them. It was on 4chan all through February of fat, unemployed men slumping to the street unconsciously..
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    New data on asymptomatic infections

    For the big-brained, here is the DOI on the article itself. Excuse me while I brew up a big pot of coffee and read this thing.
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    New data on asymptomatic infections

    Of course, everyone on the left has conveniently forgotten that Trump espoused the existence of asymptomatic carriers at the get-go. The press and TDSers laughed at the thought.
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    Whitmer: ‘Irresponsible’ Michigan Protesters Are ‘Spreading COVID-19’

    Dude! She's auditioning for a spot on Biden's ticket. If she plays this right, she might even be the V.P. candidate.