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    It's gotta be the heat....

    Pokémon Go was released yesterday. Distracted driving trying to catch a mon.
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    Dollar Stores

    I love the Ridge Dollar General. It saves me trip into town when I only need a few items. No fresh produce or meat selection (other than breakfast sausage and some lunch meats), but over the counter medicines, cleaning supplies, canned and refrigerated items and so on. I actually shop there...
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    Boarding a dog... Recomendations???

    Indian Bridge Kennels I put mine in the deluxe suite and it's just like a little room. But they also have a specific small dog boarding room if you only have one dog. My monsters don't want to come home when I go pick them up either. They say "hi glad to...
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    Genesis 19 Every man and boy surrounded the house

    My problem has always been - here you go, rape my daughters instead. That's perfectly acceptable.
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    #CruzSexScandal just won't go away

    This is the story that isn't an official story. It's everywhere. I was reading a blog on something completely unrelated to politics or sex, and I found out that Cruz had an Ashley Madison account - you know the cheater website that had released all the email addresses. :lol:
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    Death Customs...

    Out of curiosity, do you know if they were of Russian or Jewish descent? Both light a candle for different reasons to honor the passing of a loved one. Which could easily be transferred into a bedroom light over the years and passage of time and loss of culture and morphing of traditions...
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    dude your hairstyle steals from my heritage

    Faerie Locks. Look it up. It's "white culture".
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    Do you consider yourself a libertarian?

    [(1) Do you consider yourself a libertarian? Yes, I'm registered to vote Libertarian and am card carrying member of the Libertarian Party for both the national party and state. (2) Whether you do or not, how would you articulate - in a sentence or two - what it means to be libertarian...
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    Hey Migtig!

    If I did it must not have been a lasting impression. :lol: Maybe I would have considered dating him for a free meal, but not actually let it go anywhere. :shrug: I don't know.
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    Hey Migtig!

    I didn't realize I was a fan of him, but whatever floats his boat. On a serious note, do endorsements actually mean anything? I don't know who most of these people are who endorse candidates, so why should their opinion sway me? Since I'm a registered Libertarian, I have my own loonies...
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    Hillary or Bernie: pick one

    The Libertarian national president nominating convention will be held in Orlando, Florida in May - moments from SeaWorld. Register to go.
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    11.22.63 mini-series on Hulu

    I'm enjoying the show. It's addicting. Stephen King is a sick mentally twisted man and I can't wait for the next episode.
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    Vrai & Monello how do you get internet access while RV’ing?

    You can also check out Pros: data doesn't expire, prices are slightly cheaper than Verizon Con: Uses Sprint network
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    Hillary or Bernie: pick one

    Considering I'm in the running to be a delegate for Gary Johnson, I declare your poll :bs: and will be voting a Libertarian ticket. And no puppies will die because of my actions. They might die if Clinton was in charge, because I doubt she likes puppies and would just as soon kill anything she...
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    Noise over the Buck Hewitt Rd. Area.

    Dahlgren is doing testing this week. I saw a post on Facebook about a noise advisory.