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    Thompson Corner Rd & 5

    How many more accidents is it going to take before the county puts a light in. The intersection at Thompson Corner Road and Route 5 is the most dangerous in the county. I don't recall anyone being killed in this intersection , but I may be wrong. But something needs to be done! Sounds so...
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    shes at it again!

    In my opinion, I think the Duggars are very intelectual. How many of us know someone that's on welfare that works hard? How many of us know some on welfare that's a total loser? many of those welfare recipients have children? And how many children do they have? Here's the...
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    Water Main Break??

    Ended up being in Waldorf.
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    Water Main Break??

    I did, she didn't know anything. But I just now got a confirmation it's in Waldorf, somewhere between Pika Drive and Post Office Road. She lead me to believe it was in St. Mary's. My bad.
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    Water Main Break??

    This would be somewhere in between the county line and Berts. A friend posted on FB, but the info was very vague.
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    Water Main Break??

    Anyone hear of a water main break on Route 5 on the north end of St. Mary's county?
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    McDonald's in Charlotte Hall

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    questions about my new adopted dog...

    It's her mothering instincts........after we spayed my lab mix, we always knew when she "should have" gone into heat when she grabbed this ugly squeaky toy, and laid on it like to nurse, and if you got near it, she would growl, she'd carry it around crying. But once her "heat cycle" was gone...
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    question about suspended registration

    You'd be better off contacting the emissions dept or mva for this one. Just sayin.
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    Looking for P/T work

    oooooohhhhhh tomtom.........have you realized yet that you asked the WRONG question in the forums!! :geek:
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    Oh, you'd better watch out....

    Um yeah.......what is OLSS?
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    Gall Bladder Attacks

    I agree with Roxy. Your future diet should exclude spicy, fatty and fried foods. But if you do indulge, be sure you are close to a bathroom, a clean bathroom. I've noticed also that foods that have skins, ex. grapes, tomotoe, fresh garden pepper will not be able to digest...