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    ISO Recommendations Registered non-profit that helps women return to the workforce.

    Hello all! I just became the SM at Cato Fashion in California. (Next to the old Kmart/soon to be Hobby Lobby) I need to find a registered non-profit that accepts NEW women's clothing and accessories. Preferably on that helps women get back on their feet and back in the work force. There...
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    Plumber Help

    Deane Guy Concrete
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    Lisa Marie Tippett

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    Yo! Stopped in

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    Lisa Marie Tippett

    Ok. A 90 day sentence is jail, not prison. Big difference, believe it or not. But I get your point. Addiction is a bee@ch. She was clean/sober a LONG time, then relapsed for a LONG time. She's back and I'm happy for and proud of her. I COMPLETELY agree with you about the current system...
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    Lisa Marie Tippett

    She's out of prison and doing VERY WELL! Clean AND sober. Helping other women get the same. Recently got engaged to a very nice man. A completely different person than she was during the using.
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    Recommendations for headliner replacement

    Hi all! I have a 95 Cavalier (Don't laugh, she's only got 150,000 and is paid for! :razz:) I do need to get the headliner replaced though. For obvious reasons, I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on this little project. Any suggestions/recommendations?
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    need shopping help!

    JoAnne's Fabric and Crafts. Not sure about the one in San Souci, but the one in Brandywine is a good bet.
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    So...what are you reading lately?

    Lately I've been stuck on Dean Koontz and JD Robb. And for brain candy I go with Rita Mae Brown. Those are in addition to my daily "inspirational" stuff I read to keep my sanity and patience. I currently have about 15 books stacked up waiting their turn! LOL I read A LOT too!
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    Cell phone signal booster

    :yahoo::notworthy: THANK YOU Dead Eye! This was exactly what I needed. Boss Man will be back today, so I'll show him and let him decide. (With some subtle guidance of course.) You :larry::dude:
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    Cell phone signal booster

    Ok, so I did *a little* research and a repeater is definitely what he wants. (He calls it that *thing* to make your cell phone work better...:doh:) He has an AT&T phone, but it's hooked up to Straight Talk. How do I find out which ones are compatible? I majored in Business Management...
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    Cell phone signal booster

    So, my boss wants a cell phone signal booster for his weekend home in VA. Of course, it's my job to find the best one at the LOWEST possible cost. (Not the POS things that go on your phone, the ones you use in your home. They look kinda like a modem...) I know NOTHING about bandwidth...
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    Flooring help

    Another suggestion - Marc 240-561-2672
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    Alzheimer's Support Group?

    I'm a live-in caretaker for a woman with advanced dementia. I'd be interested in the same thing. I'm also in Hollywood, you can PM me. Maybe your friend and I can help each other. :huggy:
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    Flooring help

    Try Everything Construction/Craig Adkins. Not sure if he does hardwood, but does excellent work. 240-925-7923 Alternate ~ Niel Fischer 301-535-9364