A Question for the Ladies

For years women have been asking of us guys ..."Boxers or Briefs"?...
Well, as an avid admirer of you ladies (not a gauker :) , I am curious ...
If you are going for the LVPL (no visible panty line look)...is it a thong or nuttin'?


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It depends on what I'm wearing and only my husband knows for sure. :wink:


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I don't think I even <i>own</i> any creeper panties - only thongs.  They're going to end up in your buttcrack anyway - might as well start them out that way. :lol:
Hey Vrail and Sharon...awesome responces !
I hope you ladies know how much us guys appreciate it when you take the time to look your best...be it in sweats or an evening gown,....
To me, a woman looks her best when she feels comfortable...to be comfortable you have to be confident......and confidence is so very attractive !!!!
Not to mention the fact that NVPL are such a beautiful thing !!!!


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It depends on my mood and what I'm wearing.  When I go out, I usually wear a thong.  At work, I tend to wear string bikini's.  I don't own a pair of grannys!


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Also depends on what I am wearing and my mood.  I don't wear thongs everyday - only when I want to feel extra sexy or confident about myself.  I often wear them when I have to make presentations at work because for one reason or another I speak better and don't get near as nervous.  Or if it is a special day for my husband - wearing a thong reminds me all day long of what we will do that night - and there is no better surprise for him at the end of the day.  If it is not thongs it is bikini briefs.


I spent too long struggling to keep my underwear out of there, I'm not going to cave now! :blushing:
Lilly, I feel you've hit the nail on the head !!!
I think it's awesome that you feel more confident when you dress that way for your presentations...nobody needs to know what "lies beneath" :)
But it seems that it gives you an aire of confidence to be provacative ....for you ...and your husband...while the rest of the world simply admires how nice you look.....on the outside..:)
Cool Jaybeez !!! Now that takes confidence !!
Ok...to add to the Q' of Thongs or nuttin'......what would u wear with either or?......for example....does a business suit , skirt , blazer ,etc. call for..........?
Does the perfect pair of jeans call for ...........?
For the NVPL look , is there a favorite outfit that absolutely must be worn with or without?


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Depends on the skirt-- dark colored you could get away with bikinis however, I opt for thongs when wearing a light colored skirt.  Same with pants.  Jeans...I figure either/or.  
Hey Sxy...very interesting........ !!!
Ok...now...let's say you are dressed in a sharp skirt.....or that awesome, killer pair of jeans...
How do you feel about getting the admiring glance from all the guys....when you have opted for the NVPL look ?
Hey Jaybeez....That's exactly what I thought...not that I've ever had to contend with whistles or obnoxious comments...but I can only imagine that it's a pain in the....back side :)
Good for you for dressing for yourself ...and your husband...that's how it's supposed to be !!!


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I don't mind a glance, but when they start hollering at ya, that's when I have to break it down to them.  That is, unless they are good looking.  :lol:
lololooll !!  Sxy....break it down ...as in flash him the " ball bustin' look ? lolol
Cool !
What do you all think about eye contact?...or is that a topic for another thread? I think eye contact...when wanted....is so damn sexy...almost as alluring as a womans well maincured hand subtley(sp) tracing her jaw as she moves a wisp of hair from her face...........


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The "glance" can be fun--especially when I'm on the dance floor, and there's this SEXY guy right across from me.  That's when the spaghetti strap from my top usually falls "slightly" down my arm.  :lol:
aaahhhhhh.....Sxy...now that's the stuff dreams are made of :)
another thing that you ladies do ...you may or may not realise .....is simply wearing sunglasses...as wonderful as direct eye contact is......there is something so sultry about a woman...in sunglasses....with just alittle bit of attitude............
but ...back to the q' at hand (although I think this is fodder for another thread)...if you will lololol......I have a story to share..
Several years ago...while trying desperately to find the perfect Christmas gift..my niece took me to the mall.....as we passed a manican clad in a tiny thong...I was ....ahhhh......" distracted" lololol...anyway, I made an admiring comment...and she responded just as Vrail did...."they're going to end up in my crack anyway...why not start out there !!!"
Well, as my mouth fly open wide in...."surprise"...this 19 y/o angel(by the way...I was her self proclaimed chastity belt till she was 30)....totally blew my mind !!!!



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Aaah, yes--sunglasses on Daytona Beach!  I love watching all the guys drive by.  They may be able to see the drool, but not my eyes.  :lol:
lololo Sxy...it's not necessary to go all the way to Daytona !! lolol
I was towing a really sharp boat some years ago for a customer of mine...this fine looking lady passed me in her convertable ,...wearing sunglasses...and even gave me the lil' head dip....and put the glasses down further on her nose .....I damn near wrecked the truck !!! lololol
You see, it doesn't take much lololo :)


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True, it's not necessary to go to Daytona for a little guy enjoyment however, it's much more fun.  When I'm in Florida, it means party time, definately!  Thongs all week long!!!!  That is, when I'm not in my 2-piece.  :)