A Question for the Ladies

Don't sweat it....If I happen to be the one doing the "scientific observation"
I won't make you feel like x-ray eyes are upon you.
Honestly, all spoofing aside, I am one of the guys that truly admires a lady, and appreciates her effort to look sharp.
A lady that looks her best most likely feels good....and that will show through in the way she carries herself with a  confident aire....which by the way....as I've said before......confidence with a hint of attitude is sooooooo damn sexy!!!!


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(I thought you'd get a laugh out of this.) The "thong police" check girls undies at a high school dance.
Hey Sharon...
That's a bit out there !! I'm afraid that if I had a daughter....and this had happened to her.....My " Ridge" would show in all it's glory !!
Just as I think I've heard or witnessed the most unbelievable things....here comes something to top it...

The coolest thing about the "Thong or Nuttin" q'....is the mystique...mystery is always more seductive than cold hard fact.....
Sxy...do you wear a thong bathing suit?....

Just a personal note......if a woman feels comfy wearing one...go for it !!!
But...I find them most interesting ...under that perfect skirt...or perfect pair of jeans....  :)


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Sxy, feel free to where one at my party, I'm sure I'll just have to twist the husbands arm to okay it though!  :roflmao:


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That might be a bit difficult to get the husbands "ok."  Will you be wearing your green "butt floss?"  :lol:

Shall I bring protective wear in case I see bubbles???  :lol:


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Sxy, my kids (as well as everyone else) would be traumatized if they saw me in the green butt floss! :roflmao:  They'd be throwing up for days :barf: then would bankrupt me with the many years of therapy they'd need to recover from that sight!  :eek:


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Alright, since sxy is bent on busting me out, here's what happened when I was put in charge of cleaning the filters to the hot tub. Went a bit overboard with the "cleaning gel"! :blushing:

Sxy has suggested that since I have a knack for making bubbles, we have a "foam rave"!


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Cool pic! Reminded me of the album cover for Taste of Honey by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass!!!:p