A Question for the Ladies

Sxy...are you telling me that's the week you wear your 1 pc bikini?....aahhh
Now how did you know the dress code for my boat ? lolol..
Although ,......on my boat,...which piece you wear is up to you :)


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The Bob Rivers Comedy Group's version of the "The Nutcracker Suite":

Thong!   What a delightful gift idea!
Thong!   Magical pants that disappear!
Buy your loved one this noel
The kind of gift he can't resell
Because it kind of smells if someone else has tried it on...

Thong!   You could be dancing cheek to cheek!
Thong!   Wiggle the string, play hide-and-seek!
Buy your work mate or your boss
The proctologic dental floss
That really puts a hair across his astronomic bum! Thong!

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llolol Jay, I'm not sure that I have any rule lololol...do have a couple of boats though....but...I do kinda enjoy the dress code lololo


Hey all! I just wanted to say that thongs are cool and I wear them when necessary. But just a note to the fellas: It's proven that women who wear thongs ALL THE TIME are ALOT more likely to have vaginal infections, yeast infections (etc). The reason is because the thong is ON your anus and fecal matter from your anus can travel to your vagina much easier when wearing a thong. So unless your girl puts on a new clean thong everytime she uses the bathroom, chances are she's probably going to get an infection. Just thought I'd share!
Beach Babe
Hey Beach Babe...well,...now that's interesting........what about going back to my original Q'...Thong or Nuttin?..based on your observation..maybe Nuttin' is better ...if the NVPL look is the goal?
I for one would never , ever press any woman in my life to wear something  simply for the sake of looking UFB that might pose a threat to her health.......

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Would it be fair to say "On some more then others."  :moon:   :roflmao:
Jay...you're damn right!!!!!
Especially if you had on a mans long sleeve button down shirt....mostly unbuttoned.....but most importantly......if u make sultry eye contact.....mmmmm.........oops...my monitor is fogging up!!!!


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A good pair of depends undergarments have always been my preference!  Eliminates all the time standing in line for the bathroom.  That way I can give my undivided attention to all you men out there! ;)  
When asked what it tasted like to have oral sex with Christy....her lover said.." Depends".......
Only kidding lololol :)...well...sorta.....


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It's all this talk about thongs - got him all fired up.

Thanks for sharing, BeachGirl :barf:.  I've never had that problem...


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Barbra on 3:31 pm on April 5, 2002[br]It seems that Boatbuilder is in a perpetual state of feisty. :lol:
Let's see if this calms him down.
mmmmmmmmmm.....could be lolol :)
as the young lady asks " Does this stool make my a-- look big?"

Ladies ....that pick has an  effect similar to a cold shower....lolollo
Thanks for pulling in the reins on me :)
now where is that Visine?


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Okay Sharon!  You weren't supposed to be posting pictures of me in my red depends!  :lmao:

And sorry, no one will probably get this, but after reading through ALL the threads this evening, all that keeps going through my head is "I see London, I see France, I see Vrai's under pants!" :roflmao:

I'm losing it! :twitch: :twitch: :twitch: :twitch:
I'm not sure if the Rhino adds new meaning to the word Horny !! ? :)

I've discovered that there are at least 2 places here in St Marys co. to do a " scientific" survey of the "thong or nuttin'" question.....the phenomenon is best observed between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. weekdays......the Wawa on Great Mills rd,...and The Bagel Bakery....oh my....the clientel.....aaaahhhhh