Ah Yes ... Acceptance of Gays - Next Pedo's or Incest


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Democrats CRY TRANSPHOBIA Over BASED Executive BANNING Transwoman From Completing In Girls Sports



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Not Even Video Evidence is Enough. Judd Legum's Gotcha Video of Nonbinary Teen Backfires BIG Time

The only problem is ... the video shows the complete opposite of what he was going for. Instead of a frightened victim of a hate crime beating, Benedict is, well, not as sympathetic as her supporters would like her to be.

To begin, the earliest reports indicated Benedict needed support walking out of the bathroom, only to be contradicted by an official statement by the school that all the students walked on their own to the principal's office.

So, this 'blacked out,' bit seems unlikely.

Also, remember, Benedict texted a family member after the incident detailing how she'd just gotten in a fight she instigated by throwing water at three girls in the restroom. In her own words she was fine, with a few scrapes and bruises. She did not seem upset or even angry.

All of this has been significantly cleared up though by body camera footage released by the Owasso Police department interviewing Benedict in the hospital after the incident.

Benedict is alert, coherent and seemingly doing fine emotionally. She tells the story of what happened with confident calm, almost bragging about her exploits.

In between her mother, understandably frustrated by the incident and her perception of the school not doing enough to stop the alleged bullying her daughter faced, Benedict relays her own actions without a hint of concern of the consequences.

The officer asks her if she had reported the alleged relentless bullying to any school authorities and she shrugs and says no, she didn't really see the point in it. She also states she didn't know the girls in the fight and hadn't had any interactions with them before the incident. Indicating they were freshman and she and her friends were sophomores.

When the officer asks if the girls 'messed' with her and her friends, she shrugs and says, 'yeah because of the way that we dress.'

The incident began, as Benedict tells the story, 'We were laughing and they were laughing with their friends and they said something like, 'why do they laugh like that?' She says they were talking about her and her friends, in front of them.

So, she walked over and poured water on them.

She then states, again very calmly, 'They came at me, they grabbed at me and my hair, I grabbed their hair, I threw one of them into a paper towel dispenser, then they got my legs out from under me, got me on the ground and started beating the sh*t out of me.' Another shrug.

Her friends tried to jump in and help and then she says, 'I'm not sure, I blacked out.'

The officer also clarifies that if she presses charges, it will be understood to be a mutual fight. She was the first who assaulted, and the girls defended themselves. Throwing water was an assault and she initiated the conflict. Which her mom agrees.

So, to clarify, not a targeted anti-LGBTQ beating of a helpless nonbinary girl in the bathroom she was forced to be in because of hateful Republicans.

Despite these details, which clearly show her as the aggressor, LGBTQ activists were not moved from their conviction.

At one point the officer explictly called the bullying Nex was receiving "their free speech." https://t.co/6OFcIme618
— Assigned Media (Evan Urquhart) (@assignedmedia) February 24, 2024
The idea that Nex squirting water on a girl is the same thing as 3 girls beating her unconscious is ****ing absurd. Yeah Nex shouldn't have done it but that doesn't mean those girls get to beat the hell out of her. https://t.co/KYpdxCdTJ7
— Stephaine Bessette hates liars. 🔥 (@Sixxwitch1) February 24, 2024
There is no doubt- a federal investigation must be done. This is a hate crime and police dropped the ball. @potus@DOJCrimDiv@SenWarren@RonWyden@JeffMerkley@RepValHoyle#JusticeForNexhttps://t.co/MPeK4naULk
— Julie Redman,MSW,MPH Anti-Christofascism 🏳️‍⚧️ (@julredman) February 24, 2024
Documentation of the police officer blaming Nex, trying them to not file a report & trying the protect the violent attackers but sure #OwassoPolice are going to get justice for the murder victim they didn’t even want to do a report for. https://t.co/0DrG8OlR37
— Scorpionturtle (@Scorpion_turtle) February 24, 2024
Multiple systems failed this trans, Indigenous youth. Absolutely tragic. https://t.co/Q6Jyb6eK0w
— Heradasha 2.0 (@notheradasha) February 24, 2024

As many noticed, one major thing stood out in the ongoing dialogue.

So. Dagney Benedict expresses NO PROBLEM with her mother or the officer repeatedly calling her “she.” She expressed no issue with her mother calling her Dangney instead of “Nex.”
She was never “beaten unconscious” or “unable to walk” (by her own admission.) SHE started the… https://t.co/CpHK7SYbI0
— LibertyJ (@LibertyJen) February 24, 2024

So. Dagney Benedict expresses NO PROBLEM with her mother or the officer repeatedly calling her “she.” She expressed no issue with her mother calling her Dangney instead of “Nex.” She was never “beaten unconscious” or “unable to walk” (by her own admission.) SHE started the fight by throwing water on the other girls. Virtually evey single talking point put out by the alphabet mafia was a lie.

I'm shocked queer activists are lying about the situation


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Politicians accepting and passing laws allowing the transgender destruction of a persons genitalia are as crazy as the trans.
Let me know when they can create a working female reproductive system. Or a working male reproductive system or when they can actually change the chronozones that make up a persons sex.


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Transgender woman, 26, smiles after being found GUILTY of murdering random stranger on night out in 'Don't F*** with Cats' inspired killing after putting a pet in a blender

  • Scarlet Blake targeted Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, as he walked home in Oxford

A sadistic transgender woman has today been found guilty of murdering a BMW engineer in a 'Don't F*** with Cats' inspired killing.
Scarlet Blake, 26, battered and strangled Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, after stalking the streets of Oxford looking for a 'vulnerable victim' having been urged to kill by her gun and death-obsessed partner in America.

She targeted Carreno - who was a stranger to her - as he walked home from a night out in July 2021.

His body was found in the River Cherwell at Parsons Pleasure having drowned after receiving a blow to the back of his head and being strangled.
Blake – who had filmed herself dissecting and putting a neighbour's cat in a food blender four months before the cold-blooded murder – showed no emotion as a jury at Oxford Crown Court returned a guilty verdict.

Members of her victim's family wept in court as the verdict was delivered.

The jury of five women and seven men reached their verdict after deliberating for just six hours after a trial lasting eight days. As Blake left the dock she smiled briefly towards the public gallery.

The victim's family sat through hours of distressing evidence as prosecutors described how Blake smashed Carreno over the head with a vodka bottle rendering his helpless and then strangled him.

After the guilty verdict, Jorge's devastated family who had travelled from Spain to attend the trial paid tribute to 'beloved son and brother'.


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Politicians accepting and passing laws allowing the transgender destruction of a persons genitalia are as crazy as the trans.
Let me know when they can create a working female reproductive system. Or a working male reproductive system or when they can actually change the chronozones that make up a persons sex.

What are Chronozones?

Should we also ban breast implants? Jaw implants? People dying their hair? What about Lasik?

Why are you so interested in strangers genitals?
Advocates Push For Consensual Incest To Be Decriminalized, Laugh Off ‘Grooming’ Allegations

Supporters of consensual incest are advocating for the taboo arrangement to be decriminalized after the recent story about an anonymous New York couple suing to have the state’s anti-incest laws overturned.

Richard Morris, an Australian man who wants the incest laws in approximately 60 countries changed, supports the New York couple’s lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court and believes incestuous relationships between consenting adults “should not be criminalized,” according to the New York Post.

Morris and other pro-incest advocates are responsible for about 130 petitions that are trying to change anti-incest laws around the world.
Despite only being 2% of the population, gay people account for 60% of all sex crimes.

So yes, if you compare 2 average Joes on the street, one straight, the other gay, the gay one is far more likely to molest your children.

It's simple math.


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In Blood Money, Schweizer, who is a Breitbart News senior contributor and the president of the Government Accountability Institute, reveals China’s multi-pronged, covert attack on America. In Chapter 6, called “Destabilizing Democracy,” Schweizer explores how two billionaires, China-based American Neville Roy Singham and Alibaba co-founder Joseph Tsai, prop up radical activists groups that use transgenderism as a weapon against the “capitalist order.”

Schweizer first focuses on Singham, who grew up in Jamaica and Detroit, Michigan, and as a young man adopted communist ideological views, joining the League of Revolutionary Black Workers (LRBW). Singham ended up creating a software business named Thoughtworks, while also serving as a “strategic technical consultant” for Huawei, the Chinese military-linked tech company.

Thoughtworks eventually opened an office in Beijing; and in 2010, it held its Software Development Conference in China’s capital city. However, Singham ended up selling the company in 2017, a sale which was a “financial boon” for him and enabled him to dump money into various companies in China, where he now lives, according to Blood Money.



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Doritos DESTROYED For Hiring MONSTER Far Worse Than Dylan Mulvaney! Huge Bud Light Style Backlash!​



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Federal Judge Rules Biden Administration Can't Force Christian Employers to Pay for Trans Surgeries

A federal judge in North Dakota ruled on Monday that the Biden administration cannot compel Christian employers and healthcare providers to pay for transgender surgeries and other procedures.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Traynor ruled in favor of the Christian Employers Alliance, which had challenged the administration’s interpretation of federal discrimination law. Traynor, a Trump nominee, said the Christian groups were protected under religious liberty protections from being forced to provide “gender transition services.”

In contrast, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) and the Department of Health and Human Services — under Biden in 2021 — said they interpreted the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) as requiring employer health insurance plans to cover surgeries and other procedures related to so-called "gender transitions."

Traynor countered that the Christian Employers Alliance’s “religious beliefs are substantially burdened by the monetary penalties it faces for refusing to violate its beliefs.” (Emphasis, mine.)

Here, CEA’s sincerely held religious belief is that male and female are immutable realities defined by biological sex and that gender reassignment is contrary to Christian Values. As a result, performing or providing health care coverage for gender transition services under the EEOC and HHS coverage mandates impinges upon CEA’s beliefs. CEA must either comply with the EEOC and HHS mandates by violating their sincerely held religious beliefs or else face harsh consequences like paying fines and facing civil liability.