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I don't post about many female athletes. Here's a Brazilian boxer, who now lives in Switzerland, that is accused of killing her husband. They got married this year. The article incorrectly mentions Sweden but Interlaken is indeed in Switzerland. The author even misspelled Interlaken.

Golden Girl Viviane Obenauf.


Viviane Obenauf spent her boxing career facing the best competition in her weight division, though is now in for the legal fight of her life.

The former two-division challenger was arrested and remains in custody of Swiss police as part of an ongoing investigation surrounding the death of her 61-year old husband, who is only identified as “Thomas” due to Swiss protection law. In a shocking development first reported by the Daily Sun, Obenauf’s husband was found dead earlier this fall as the result of “massive injuries due to blunt instrument” according to a police report, a copy of which has been obtained by

Obeneauf—who was arrested earlier in the week—remains the prime suspect, with suggestions of having beaten her husband to death in their apartment in Interlaken, Sweden.


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Not content with DUIs and domestic abuse, these out of control athletes have been upping their game lately.
A former Chicago Bears All-Pro cornerback has been arrested in Phoenix on a murder charge, police sources said.

Michael Richardson, 59, who won a Super Bowl with the Bears in 1985, was arrested Wednesday on a second-degree murder charge in connection with the Tuesday shooting death of 47-year-old Ronald Like

Wednesday’s arrest is the latest in a string of legal troubles for Richardson. He had been previously busted twice this year by Phoenix cops for alleged drug possession and was arrested in Maricopa County in 2018 on charges of theft and possession of meth, crack cocaine and heroin,

ESPN reported that Richardson was released from custody and had a 13-year prison sentence cut by more than 10 years after a California appellate court determined he did not violate terms of his probation in a 2008 conviction for selling narcotics.

The incident led to Richardson’s 21st conviction on drug-related charges at the time — and his fifth felony in 16 years,

Ex-Bears Super Bowl champ Michael Richardson arrested on murder charge (


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Travis Rudolph - 1st degree murder.

Murder is pretty hard to top on the list of crimes. Too bad Johnny Cochran isn't around. He's been known to get a killer or 2 off/

Former Florida State wide receiver Travis Rudolph has been arrested on charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder with a firearm in Palm Beach County, Florida,

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said one male was found dead in West Palm Beach, while another was transported from the scene of the shooting to the hospital.

The sheriff's office did not have additional information, and the arrest report was not immediately available.
Ex-Florida State receiver Travis Rudolph charged with first-degree murder (