Climate Hypocrisy


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You know what my takeaway from “Leave the World Behind” was? You know, the post-apocalyptic movie produced by the Obamas?

In a future where absolutely everything depends on electricity, destroying our electrical grid is really all it takes to destroy our nation.

Why on Earth should we steer virtually EVERY THING we depend on to live - into something that depends on electricity - something we have zero control over? Isn’t it a LITTLE smart to have SOMETHING that isn’t electric?

Otherwise - highways filled with cars not immobilized by an EMP - but no electricity. People freezing because - electric. No natural gas or oil.

I can remember during long power outages being thankful I had a fireplace - and propane - and oil backup - and so on.


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I do not believe that this country could possibly be so fu**ed up unless it is part of a plan.
Illegals walking across the border by the millions, our fossil fuel under attack by a pipe dream, our government and Justice system being run by a political party, inflation , all part of a plan to destroy and change America, just like Obama said.

And lets not forget the electoral interference in the last election and the interference in this one by charging the man who the polls say is the best bet to win with 91 felonies to keep him in court instead of campaigning, and their hope of jailing the only man who can save America without a Civil War. Yes: I believe he is America's last hope. Yes : I believe if he wins they will try to assassinate him. It's the only thing they haven't tried so far.
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I was listening to a talk radio discussion on MD has done nothing with the alotted money they received. Right now the concern is over where in poor neighborhoods will they place chargers.

Things were getting kind of lean for the copper theives.


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India Scoffs at Coal ‘Transition’: ‘Not Happening in Foreseeable Future’

India burns so much coal that it has an entire cabinet-level ministry devoted to coal. The Ministry of Coal informed the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Parliament, this week that India will not be transitioning to any alternative form of energy in the “foreseeable future.”

The ministry said more mining and importing of coal will be necessary to meet the energy needs of the growing industrial economy.

The Hindustan Times noted that no one participating in the just-concluded winter session of Parliament acted like India’s promise at the COP28 climate conference to begin eliminating fossil fuels was sincere.

COP28, hosted by fossil fuel superpower the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in December, climaxed with an ostensibly “historic” agreement to “transition away from fossil fuels.” Stronger language that would have called for a more aggressive “phase out” was removed from the final joint declaration, but it was still the first climate conference agreement to explicitly discuss eliminating coal and oil on a near-future timetable.

India was one of 200 countries to sign the joint statement at COP28 but, a few weeks later, the Ministry of Coal explained to the Rajya Sabha that while India is expanding its use of renewables and alternative energy, coal will remain a major source of power for a very long time to come.

With India and China burning coal, Western restrictions are USELESS ..... and destroying their own economies


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Climate Scientists Say We Should Embrace Higher CO2 Levels

The Earth has entered “uncharted territory” and life is “under siege.”

The public has failed to heed this message and now “time is up,” warns a recent report from Oxford Academics’ BioScience.
The authors of the report say the catalyst behind the dire warnings is escalating concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2).

To salvage what remains, the authors say a much faster phase-out of oil, coal, and other fossil fuels is necessary. Failure could cause water and food shortages, plus extreme heat, for a third to half of the world’s population.


According to Patrick Moore, chairman and chief scientist of Ecosense Environmental and co-founder of Greenpeace, the climate change messaging isn’t based in fact.

“The whole thing is a total scam,” said Mr. Moore. “There is actually no scientific evidence that CO2 is responsible for climate change over the eons.”

Mr. Moore said that over the past few decades, the climate message has continually changed; first, it was global cooling, then global warming, then climate change, and now it’s disastrous weather.

“They’re saying all the tornadoes, all the hurricanes, all the floods, and all the heat waves are all caused by CO2. That is a lie. ... We’re part of the cycle,” he said.

“We don’t need CO2. For us, it’s a waste product—we need oxygen. But plants are the ones who made the oxygen for us, and we’re making the CO2 back for them.”

He said the burning of fossil fuels—which emit CO2—is a good thing for plant life.

“We are replenishing the atmosphere with CO2 up to a level that is much more conducive to life and growth of plants, in particular.”

Weather-related deaths and climate disasters have in fact declined “precipitously” over the years, according to John Christy, a climatologist and professor of atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the director of the Earth System Science Center.

In 1925, there was an average of 484,880 climate-related deaths worldwide, according to Human Progress. Since then, it’s steadily decreased, with the latest report from 2020 showing there was an average of 14,893 climate-related deaths worldwide.
“CO2 is portrayed now as the cause of damaging extreme weather. Our research indicates these extremes are not becoming more intense or frequent,” Mr. Christy told The Epoch Times. “Thus, CO2 cannot be the cause of something not occurring.”

The U.N. is planning for countries to cut emissions to as close to zero as possible by 2050.
The plan is “collective suicide,” says Malgosia Askanas, a senior research and development associate at Aurora Biophysics Research Institute.

Ms. Askanas said the concern over CO2 is not based on science.


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BP and Equinor Cancel Big New York Offshore Wind Project

  • BP and Equinor have terminated their power agreement with New York state for a 1.3-gigawatt wind farm, citing changing economic circumstances that made the project unviable.
  • The US offshore wind industry is struggling with rising inflation, supply-chain issues, and rising costs. More than half of the proposed offshore wind projects in the US are in dispute or have been canceled.
  • The cancelation of the Empire Wind 2 project comes weeks after the Biden administration formally approved it, highlighting the challenges faced by the offshore wind industry.


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German Officials Ignore Farmers’ Protests to Save Agricultural Fuel Tax Exemptions

German officials may want to take note of this development. Two weeks ago, German farmers organized a massive protest against the government’s plans to cut diesel subsidies and tax breaks for agricultural vehicles next year as part of Berlin’s 2024 austerity measures.

After a constitutional court ruling last month that cancelled 60 billion euros of earmarked debt, the federal government last week announced plans to save around 900 million euros ($983.34 million) annually in subsidies for farmers.
According to next year’s budget, a partial tax refund on agricultural diesel, along with a tax exemption for agricultural vehicles, will be abolished to meet the saving targets – a measure farmers said would threaten their livelihood and the competitiveness of Germany’s agricultural sector.
Farmers protested the planned cuts at the Brandenburg Gate, carrying placards reading “YOUR POLITICS ARE A DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST FARMERS” and “TOO MUCH IS TOO MUCH! IT’S OVER NOW!” parking a number of tractors along Berlin’s Strasse des 17. Juni boulevard in central Berlin.

Farming is already economically challenging, especially with Germany’s regulatory throttling of fossil fuel use. The farmers argue the new tax plans impose harsh burdens on those in the agriculture industry.

However, eco-activists in Greenpeace say everything will be alright…because food will cost so much more.

Joachim Rukweid, the president of the German Farmers’ Association, reportedly described the plan as a “declaration of war” on farmers.
Farmer Jule Bonsels told the publication removing the tax breaks could pose an additional cost of upwards of 20,000 euros per year.
Environmental group Greenpeace, however, reportedly says the rising price of food will more than make up for the lack of subsidies.
“With all understanding for the farmers – making agricultural diesel cheaper by the state is expensive, harmful to the climate and should be abolished,”
Greenpeace agricultural expert Martin Hofstetter told Reuters.

And there it is ... rich elites do not care about the poor and the cost of food, let them starve or eat zee bogs


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🔥 More bad news for mandate climate-change activists yesterday came in the form of a stinky article headlined, “Scientists make alarming discovery after hearing bubbling sounds from deep within Arctic ice: ‘We decided to have a look’.

image 9.png

Forget about cows. Now the glaciers are farting. I am not making that up. Here’s the gist:

“Substantial” amounts of methane gas were found in half of the exploration wells drilled by dirty energy companies in Svalbard, the archipelago with the northernmost town in the world. While scientists are unsure just how much methane is leaking from the permafrost, they believe that gas could significantly set back efforts to limit rising global temperatures to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit above preindustrial levels if it escapes from the protective frozen barrier.

The United States Geological Survey found that methane is 28 times stronger than CO2 and “contributing about 25% to warming temperatures.”

They call it “deep methane,” which is kind of misleading because the malodorous gas lies only two meters below the surface, just under the topmost frozen part of the ground. And apparently methane is all over the frozen peninsula. Apparently it easily migrates to the surface when it’s 'unlocked'. Even more worryingly for people who fret about the climate, glaciers are probably passing gas everywhere else in the Arctic too, since they all have similar geological origins.

ScienceAlert ran an even more alarming headline:

image 10.png

Skyrocketing Emissions! This is a crisis. They should declare a state of emergency and make it illegal for the glaciers to emit any more methane. Maybe we could airdrop some Bean-o using those planes that dump water on wildfires, or put they can put a giant cork in the glaciers’ backsides or something. Or maybe we can start taxing the glaciers.

I do like “migrating methane” as a neat euphemism though. I’ll try it out on Michelle next time she complains about the boys on a road trip. That methane needs to migrate somewhere.



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John Kerry: Goodbye, Good Riddance

At some point this spring, Kerry will leave his billet as the administration’s climate envoy (see what we mean by “useless”?). He will reportedly join the re-election campaign of President Joe Biden, who was for decades useless but eventually became destructive, as the last three years have shown. If voters act rationally, Kerry, an insufferable hypocrite, will disappear from public life for good by the middle of November.

Ever an imperious scold, a male Karen before that term became widely used, Kerry has spent much of his adult life, more than four decades, implementing the Democratic Party dream, which is to convert our civil society to a political society. It’s a point we’ve made before that can’t be made enough:

The left, which has marched through our institutions, won’t rest until the civil society we have flourished in has been replaced with a political society. It craves a societal breakdown, to bury the political and social norms that stand in its path to unchallengeable power.

Most recently Kerry has served as the administration’s climate czar. It was the perfect post for a gasbag, providing its occupant endless opportunities to lecture climate crisis skeptics, whom Kerry surely regards as “stupid.”

But it is Kerry instead who is dim. When it was reported in 2020 that he “would love to take a new Cabinet position devoted to climate change,” economist David Kreutzer noted that “Kerry has proven he is totally ignorant of the basics of climate science.”


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Global Warming? Arctic Ice at Highest Level for 21 Years

One of climate alarmists’ favorite predictions is that the Arctic is losing its ice due to global warming, something elites have claimed for decades. New data shows, however, that Arctic ice is actually increasing!

Climate has always changed and will continue to do so until the real apocalypse (not the fake one climate alarmists have been predicting as imminent for decades). With more than 50 years of failed climate change predictions behind them and a track record of consistent and total untrustworthiness, you’d think that the doom prophets would have given up. Then again, climate change is a convenient way for the greedy to enrich themselves (like former Vice President Al Gore) and for power-hungry politicians to take away rights and liberties while claiming a moral and physical necessity.

Climate Change Dispatch, which also provided graphs of data, reports:

Some alarmist scientists claim it’s the hottest year on record, yet Arctic sea ice for this date stands at its highest level in 21 years.
This year’s reading – up to January 8 – has now far exceeded the average for the years 2011-2020, also exceeds the average for the years 2001-2010, and points directly upwards [regarding] the years 1991-2000…Much like Greenland, the Arctic continues to defy the dogmatic prophecies of the AGW party; and the party has long needed a time machine to confirm its hopeless predictions: “Ice-free in summer by 2014”…
The latest update shows the tide seems to have turned for Arctic sea ice, especially this season, which has seen the largest extent in 21 years (since 2003).



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John Kerry Goes Full Davos Totalitarian: No Politician Can Reverse Climate Change Policy​

As Lincoln Brown reported for PJ Media yesterday, John Kerry massively expanded his carbon footprint to journey to Davos for a luxury getaway in order to lecture the peasants, as Avi Yemeni puts it, on their own carbon footprint.

At a Davos speaking engagement, Kerry had the following to say regarding the intersection of democracy and Climate Change™:

If you wound up with a different President who was opposed to climate crisis, I got news for you. No one politician anywhere in the world can undo what is happening now...The only issue for all of us is not whether or not we can get or will get to a low carbon, no carbon economy globally. We will. The only question is, will we get there in time to meet the challenge of the scientists in order to avoid the worst consequences of this crisis. That is what is at stake.

WEF acolyte and Harvard professor Naomi Oreskes at Davos issued similar fatwas against anyone standing in the way of the forced de-industrialization of society for the sake of, allegedly, the Earth.

Via TIME (emphasis added):

It will be crucial to build on the framework established in the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. This will include opposing infrastructure that will lock in fossil-fuel energy for decades to come and carbon capture and storage projects that are adjuncts to fossil-fuel production. It will also be crucial not to allow new forms of denial to take hold. We are already seeing examples, such as the false claim that off-shore wind kills whales and that restrictions on gas stoves are the latest excuse by liberals to control our lives and deny our freedom. Scientists will have to work with climate activists to block the spread of such misleading narratives.

“Scientists” and “climate activists” are euphemisms here for unelected government bureaucrats leaning on and threatening social media companies like X to get them to censor whatever counter-narratives the rabble offers up to Climate Change™.



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Biden’s green energy push collides with key Democrat constituency: Native American tribes

In August, Biden designated the Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni—Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monument, which blocked off millions of acres of public lands to most uses outside outdoor recreation.

“As president, I promised to prioritize Tribal sovereignty and self-determination. I'll continue to work alongside Tribal leaders to keep that promise,” Biden said during a designation event. It was a different story a couple months prior when the Biden administration charged forward with a ban on fossil fuel and mineral leasing in a 10-mile buffer zone around the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwest New Mexico.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, the first Native American to serve as a Cabinet secretary, announced she’d be withdrawing 336,400 acres in the buffer zone from oil and gas development. The Navajo Nation government had been voicing opposition to the moratorium since the BLM proposed it two years before, and a few weeks before Halaand’s announcement, the tribe’s lawmakers passed legislation opposing the move.

“The Secretary’s action undermines our sovereignty and self-determination,” Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren said in a statement when the tribe’s concerns were apparently ignored. Nygren said the decision jeopardizes the tribe’s future economic opportunities and puts 5,600 Navajo owners of land allotments in “dire financial constraints.”


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Flawed Climate Models Predict More Warming Than Actually Occurs

Public policy should be based on hard data and not software-manipulated numbers, and scientists should return to the labs and collect real data rather then generate it.


Dr. Roy Spencer is a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) after being a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA. He is a meteorologist, has published research on various weather and climate problems, and co-developed (with John Christy, UAH) the original method for monitoring global atmospheric temperature variations from Earth-orbiting satellites.

Therefore, Spencer must be considered a true expert on climate, temperature, and temperature measurement issues. He recently published a report for Heritage, which he summarized on the Watts Up With That blog, where he detailedly analyzed recorded temperatures over the last 50 years, comparing those values to those predicted by computer programs.

The flawed climate models have produced warmer temperatures than those measured. Spencer has three key takeaways:

  1. The real rate of global warming over the past 50 years has been weaker than that predicted by almost all computerized climate models.
  2. Climate models that guide energy policy do not even conserve energy, a necessary condition for any physically based model of the climate system.
  3. Public policy should be based on climate observations rather than climate models that exaggerate climate impacts



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Trillions Spent on ‘Climate Change’ Based on Faulty Temperature Data, Climate Experts Say

To avert the looming tribulations and limit global temperature increases, 194 member states and the European Union in 2016 signed the U.N. Paris Agreement, a legally binding international treaty with a goal to “substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.”

After the agreement, global spending on climate-related projects increased exponentially.

In 2021 and 2022, the world’s taxpayers spent, on average, $1.3 trillion on such projects each year, according to the nonprofit advisory group Climate Policy Initiative.

That’s more than double the spending rate in 2019 and 2020, which came in at $653 billion per year, and it’s significantly up from the $364 billion per year in 2011 and 2012, the report found.

Despite the money pouring in, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that 2023 was the hottest year on record.

NOAA’s climate monitoring stations found that the Earth’s average land and ocean surface temperature in 2023 was 1.35 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average.

“Not only was 2023 the warmest year in NOAA’s 174-year climate record—it was the warmest by far,” said Sarah Kapnick, NOAA’s chief scientist.
“A warming planet means we need to be prepared for the impacts of climate change that are happening here and now, like extreme weather events that become both more frequent and severe.”


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United Nations 'Climate Chief' Calls for Trillions in Payments to Third World. Who Pays? We Do!

Have you ever heard of Simon Stiell? Well, he's making a proposal that would cost the United States taxpayers trillions of dollars.

Mr. Stiell is the United Nations Climate Change Executive Secretary, and he went on record Friday to claim that the developed world needs to not only "close loopholes" (and when a statist control freak talks about "closing loopholes," they mean "outlawing practices that are perfectly legal right now") but also pony up trillions -- yes, trillions -- of dollars to help third-world countries meet nebulous climate goals.

In an unusual and blunt lecture at a university in Baku, Azerbaijan, the host city of upcoming international climate negotiations later this year, United Nations Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell called gains made in the past not nearly enough. Without the proper amount of cash, he said those could “quickly fizzle away into more empty promises.”
Much of it comes down to money: $2.4 trillion a year, Stiell said. That’s how much a United Nations High-Level Expert Group on Climate Finance estimated that developing nations — not including China — need to invest in renewable energy instead of dirtier fossil fuels, as well as to adapt to and recover from climate change harms such as floods, storms, droughts and heat waves.
Richer nations have promised less than 5% of that amount in climate financial help to poor nations — and they often haven’t even delivered that much.

Stiell said:

It’s already blazingly obvious that finance is the make-or-break factor in the world’s climate fight. We need torrents — not trickles — of climate finance.[...]
The time has passed for business-as-usual in all aspects of the world’s climate fight.[...]
Hiding behind loopholes in decision texts or dodging hard work ahead through selective interpretation would be entirely self-defeating for any government as climate impacts hammer every country’s economy and population.

It always comes down to money, doesn't it? And $2.4 trillion a year - how do they arrive at that number? And who pays? Well, I can tell you who doesn't pay, according to this -- China. Why not China? Probably because China would tell the UN where to head in. And, honestly, that's what the United States should be doing as well.