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Where did you find one? Haven't seen one in stores in over a year. One website says discontinued in 2021
Haven't looked recently, but the last place I did see one was in Giant, in the freezer case in the far back corner with the frozen burgers and pies.

And yes, apparently discontinued.
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I used to love SpaghettiOs with meatballs when I was a kid. Tried to buy it for my kids and they were grossed out. Tastes like afterbarf. My daughter pointed out that I spoiled them with cooking; my mom didn't cook so canned spaghetti, chow mein, and frozen chicken a la king were what I ate as a child. But my aunties and grandmother were great cooks, so I did get real food sometimes.


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Anyone remember the Turkey Roast in the tin foil pan? That was a staple in our house when I was a kid.
We had that a lot growing up. I still bought it occasionally for my family but the ex hated it. The kids liked it. I looked for it not long ago and couldn't find one.


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Mom used to make Kraft Mac n Cheese for sis and open a can of chili for me. I still cannot even stand the smell of MnC and I'm not sure I would even be able to eat canned chili anymore.
We had it on the Thanksgiving table this year and I passed, even though it was homemade from scratch. Too many choices and not enough stomach, not even for me.

But I've always like MnC with ground beef mixed in.


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We lived in Italy for a lot of my elementary school years on a E5 budget and family of 5.

Even tho we lived off base, we didn't eat out a lot and most meats were NOT bought locally, as meat storage was different in the late 60's over there. We DID shop local for bakery, fresh produce and deli meats, though! 🥰

We ate out occasionally and THAT was pizza, of course. My mom was the seafood eater and she def enjoyed the fresh seafood, but we only cooked frozen scrimps at home. :lol:

Commissary shopping was every 2 wks and we froze our milk, along with a bunch of other things. Staple meals were typical for the times, I think. We had stuffed peppers a LOT, tacos, spaghetti, (though our tomato sauces were the BOMB over there!!) chili. My mom also made icky LaChoy Chow Mein and I didn't eat on those nights. :barf: To this day, I get PTSD just thinking about it. :lmao:


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Green bean casserole? :lol:
The beverage brand, Aura Bora, first released the canned drink last year and after a positive response from customers, it's now re-releasing the bizarre concoction.

"We did green bean casserole because we felt like turkey and gravy should be illegal and green bean casserole felt a little more approachable," Paul Voge, CEO and co-founder of the California-based company, told FOX Business.



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And a can of french style green beans. :yum:
Just to clarify - ground beef and mac and cheese - AND green beans?

When I was in grad school - I did used to add jalapenos to my ground beef/MnC mix - just to keep nosy roommates from eating it.