Friday the 13th December


On the ride home, the handler said she could smell your cologne on her cheek and clothes, so I ask again, what did I miss at that end of the table? :eyebrow:
And who threw me out of my seat because he wanted to sit at the other end of the table. Hmmmm?


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I had the worst night last night and should have gone with you all. Ugh.

Sounds like you all had fun :cheers:

You should have ditched the date and come to the Duck to hang out with us. I think we were there until around 9pm. Tons of laughs.....we got a little rowdy. hahahaha


Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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hehe It's ok. For some reason people think I'm going to be an over weight "Mimi" looking type person...still haven't figured that one out.

Not hardly! You're a tiny thing!


Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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It's official. I have a sinus infection and also an ear infection is brewing. Overnight I was feeling gawd awful, so I called to my dr. office this morning and got an appt. Dr. said good thing I came in, because this is just "ramping up", as he put it. Next time I fly long distances like that I will take better precautions, but he said a lot of people have this happen after long flights. I am prone to sinus infections very easily when I catch anything upper respiratory, though.

Glad I have the weekend to rest, the Dr. was ordering me to be off from work for 2 days. :yikes: I'm sure my boss would love that. Not! Probably should have gone home after work last night, but I'm glad I went it was so much fun! :getdown: