Global Gov Corruption


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Every European Nation needs an uprising of it's indigenous population.


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For those who do not understand the connotation

Brighton is the San Francisco of the UK


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Well this Thread illuminates what is going on in Europe.
It's not a pretty picture.


It's happening right here. We have two Muslim women in our Congress. We have a Muslim living in a Georgetown Mansion and working Joe Bidens strings, and we have two black men in Congress who claim to be Muslim but are really just black racists who joined the Muslims because they like the way Muslims hate. and then we have Dearborn, and Hamas protesters in our colleges supported by the college Professors. Then of course we have open borders allowing all sorts of riff raff to float into our country and be supported by the American taxpayer.

We better stop looking at what bis happening in great Britain and France and start looking at what is happening right here.