He could probably be more annoying if he tried


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Now he's freaking talking to himself. :lol: I thought he was on the phone but then I listened and he's just free associating - talking to his grill, his picnic table, musing in general.... I heard a * thunk * and him yelling, "OW!!" really loud like he wanted to alert the whole campground that he stubbed his toe or whatever.

He has a crew of pals - they were all over there yesterday for a cookout. So it's a pack of psychos....or maybe not.....

I'm not normally a nosy neighbor because I don't care enough about strangers to spend any time on them, but this guy is forcing me to notice him. So now I've made up this whole story about him to entertain myself.

He's a semi-mental goober who never had any friends, so he's lonely and craves attention. The people over there yesterday don't even know him, he just invited them over for free beer and burgers and they were like, "Sure!" He yells weird things in hopes that someone will come over and ask him what's wrong or engage him in some way. Even screwy swingers are better than nothing, hence the pineapple.

A nicer person than me would take pity and go over to befriend him. I have learned my lesson about that sort of thing and now I don't engage with strangers I can't easily extract myself from. They're like stray cats - once you feed them you'll never get rid of them.

Why don‘t you just ban him. I thought you were in control of it all. :bann:
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Your annoying neighbor is a problem that's temporary -- you will be gone at some point soon.
I have a neighbor as bad as this, or arguably worse, next door -- definitely bipolar, very loud, very nosey, yells at us and our kids. Not happy times.
Well, if you'd stop picnicing on my damn lawn, I wouldn't have to yell at you.


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Well, if you'd stop picnicing on my damn lawn, I wouldn't have to yell at you.
Where else am I supposed to do my perineal tanning?



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:lmao: I hate my neighbors. I've never been around such needy people in my entire life.

What do your neighbors do that makes them needy, and makes you hate them? I am truly interested in your answer. Thanks.


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I am super nosey. I love hearing the awful neighbor stories, please share!

I have amazing neighbors on one side of us: we share meals at least once a week, they mow my yard when my husband is on DET, they adore my son and genuinly get excited to see him - he adores them and loves going to their yard/house and begging for food, we watch each other's dogs, etc. Neighbor on the other side of us has never so much as waved in passing. They keep to themselves, although he did yell at a friend claiming they parked in his lawn (impossible) during a party we had. Never once has said anything to us or even looked in our direction 🤷 No complaints on the rest of my neighbors on my street, I'd say we lucked out.


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When we first moved onto our Court, several of the neighbors would congregate and chit chat. As neighbors moved away and new ones came, it happened less and less. Now the only neighbors we talk to is the one beside us and the one beside them. Once in a blue moon, we'll talk to two other of our neighbors but that is maybe once a year.


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My neighbors are pretty good, no complaints. But I can always tell when it's the weekend. One neighbor breaks out the banjo, picks and grins and sings at the top of his voice. I can hear him inside with the doors closed.


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In the last 5 years we've had a bazillion neighbors and very few of them sucked. We had the guy in (somewhere) who let his dog crap in our yard, forcing Monello to have a word with him, and the OP mental case. I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head....


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I leave my neighbors alone, they leave me alone.

Works out great.
I notified two on my neighbors that the wife and I were leaving town for a week, and to keep an eye on the house. (They both have my cell #.) I told them if the house catches fire, to throw some more wood or gasoline on it before calling me. :lol: