Help me pick!


Darwin was right
I think I like the color one because of the warmth it has in it.:howdy:
Taking your comment into consideration I guess I will see if I can remove the vending machine from the background and correct the minor purple fringing I see on the edges.


Both are striking images. If you are doing a wall why not use both. You'll be surprised how many folks will not notice they're the same site. Those that do will recognize the artistic skill that you bring to your photography.

I think the repetitive arches and inside walls of the arch supports show up better in the B&W. To me that draws the focus to the upper left of center.

However, the richness of the color image is striking. The intesity of the sun streaming through the archways draws my attention more to the lower right of center. I did notice the "blue machine" at the end of the passage. I would cover it with the same color as that exit wall.

I'd leave the person in both. It's just another minor detail that makes the viewer look again to find the things you miss with your first impressions.


Darwin was right
The compromise. It is a different shot so the person in the scene is missing but you can't see the vending machine at the end of the colonnade, the color has been toned down somewhat without going to complete bw and I have raised the contrast a bit. I have printed it out and it looks pretty good as an 8X10 print. Since it was shot at 4 meg I can't do much more with it. I think I can probably increase it up to about a 12X14 print without losing much more resolution.