Mandatory Masks in SMC Again?


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Just posted to FB...


American Beauty
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This is bad. I'd hate to see what would happen if there was some sort of real emergency going around here.
Exactly. I had also read comments that if the county keeps expanding, they must expand the hospital in order to keep up with the larger population.


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Looks like I'm going to PG Hospital if I need urgent care - they are the cream of the crop - no waiting!


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COVID is played out, not making me money like it did two years ago. I need a new scare to capitalize off of.
As you know, they always try their annual flu vaccine scare. I remember one year the news said it was only 21% effective. Of course now they have the Covid vaccine scare. It doesn't matter that it has mutated so many times that it is now mild. And of course if they can't scare you about Covid, they throw in RSV for good measure. After all, it too is another respiratory illness just like the flu and Covid. And if after a while they get tired of this, have no fear, they will come up with another one. That's in addition to any new respiratory viruses the Chinese may throw out there. And don't forget Ebola. It didn't work out very well for them.


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Next up, Man Cold (which I'm dealing with now) is gonna get everyone, not just the male of our species.