Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to ALL !!!


Adopt me please !
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season. Whatever your religion and beliefs, may you have a wonderful time!


Adopt me please !
Ummm...hahahahahahaha. Lets play nice now kids.

Merry Christmas Arkie !!
A bad thing is happening due to kittens staying around so long ...... several of them are fond of me and I am fond of them due to their wanting to be cuddly i.e. Ashley and the 2 dark gray boy twins ...... I hope they go soon. I can not keep sweet adoptable ones - only the problem ones! !!


Routinely Derailed
Lenny and Pi send their best, Arkie. Both have quietly asked me to devote my attentions to them only, and have pointed out that there's only room for two at the food dish they insist on sharing.

And, my best to you, also. Thanks for Pi! She's as odd as Lenny and I are, so she fits right in. :huggy:

Merry Christmas!


mama to two
Do trolls count as critters? :lol: Merry Christmas, Ark. You are the best! You keep the humans and critters connected. :huggy:


Adopt me please !
I truly believe that there is a place for just abut every critter. I try my best to match-make well so that all involved are happy. This sounds terrible but I forgot the names I gave to the 2 little dark gray kittens. They look identical, only a difference in how they snuggle. I need to find a way to mark them so I know who is who when adoption time comes, although I do hope they go together. They look like a pair of bookends LOL.