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As I was growing up our cereal was some kind of a wheat thing that we compared to a cow patty. They had no taste, never softened up in the milk and didn’t really digest. Am I dateable?


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I'm not giving up my Captain Crunch, date or no date.
It doesn't have the same taste as it did 50+ years ago. There are fewer pieces with that hard crunchy sugar stuck to it. I think that is because they cut down on the amount of sugar in it? Anyway it doesn't thrill me near as much as it used to, so I rarely ever buy it anymore.


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Fruit Loops are nothing more than Cheerios in Drag.
He's got other options...



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Linda's Cafe used to have a Cap'n Crunch waffle. Or maybe a pancake... Wonder if they still have them? Haven't been there in a long while.