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The second season of The Umbrella Academy dropped yesterday on Netflix. :yahoo: Also coming in September to Netflix is Ratched, based on the character Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Looks great in previews! :yay:
I can't wait for Ratched!


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Really good, isn't it?!
There are several that predate Downton Abbey, and show that not much had changed in the great houses in 100 years prior..
Belgravia was one.. showed the inner workings of the House Staff, and how they weren't all proper or honest.

We watched Dr Thorne, which was a 4 episode show.. but you knew where it was going the entire time.

We also tried Home Fires, WWII England, which was good, but was cancelled after the second season, so it just leaves you hanging..
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This may have been mentioned before since this goes back 2 year. Good binge watching shows are the period, reality shows where everyday people have to live like folks did back in time. My favorite was Frontier House. Next favorite was Texas Ranch House. The others were good also. The problem I had with some of the other shows is that people are on different levels. 1 of the shows had the man of the house out shooting pheasant while his minions were cleaning his clothes and cooking for the family. The workers were never finished but the family was at times bored because they didn't have to do anything but eat and sleep.

They edit those shows to highlight the drama. But living without indoor plumbing and running water for 3 months is enough to test the hardiest of souls. I like when the actors admit that they didn't realize being on the show was going to be so difficult when they signed up. I lady mentioned that she thought it was going to be like going on a camping trip.


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Not Netflix, but I'm Roku. Just finishing up Spun. OMG! 😂