Normalizing Obesity


Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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"Does this long-ass stringy hair make my ass look big?!"

Seriously - they call that a body positive shot?! 😳🤣🤣🤣


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Speaking as someone who’s always dealt with being fat -

There’s two issues here or rather one —

1. Fat is all about appearance and they want acceptance for that. It’s stupid and truth be told, nothing’s going to change how people feel about it.


2. Fat is extremely unhealthy and a short path to the grave.


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I hate to point and laugh, but Gutfeld slays me. She has $$ at her disposal, there's no reason to go through life carrying that much extra baggage.


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Oh BTW - not knowing who she is, is another indicator of how old the rest of us are. My middle child chastised me once about four years ago for not knowing who she is - "Dad, she's only the most popular female rapper in the whole world". REALLY made me feel old, then.
Guess I'm a dork, don't know, don't care who or what she is.
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