NY attorney general sues world's largest beef producer over methane emissions, climate commitments


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It's interesting how Salmon came along and comically proved your point - from banning Big Gulps - to banning fossil fuels - to compelling people for the sake of pronouns - it's not what people ought to or should do, as they claim. They wish to compel people.

Even Maher and other NOT right wing comedians are saying - don't like it? Change the channel. That's the view on the right. The left doesn't do that - it's gotta be end it for everyone. Compel the solution they prefer. Outlaw the behavior.

BTW - this is where they get into a lather, because they don't understand that, to someone on the right - saying people OUGHT to do this or that - it doesn't mean they will be forced to do it. If someone on the right says people ought to pray, the left goes berserk and thinks they will make it a law or something.
The problem is, some of the southern states would mandate prayer in public schools