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Reform NYC’s charter to allow open primaries — and rescue City Hall from the hard left

Today, voters not registered to a major party are shut out of primaries, our most important local elections.

They are, as progressive jargon would have it, disenfranchised.

The change discussed at Monday’s hearing would institute an open primary system in city elections, allowing independents, or in New York parlance “non-affiliated” voters who don’t choose a political party when they register, to participate in primaries.

As Susan Lerner of Common Cause said Monday, the city’s 925,000 independents are its second-largest group of registered voters, far outnumbering its 466,000 Republicans.

“The share of unaffiliated voters in New York [state] is greater than the total number of voters in 29 other states,” the good-government group noted in an October 2023 report.

A Common Cause survey found that 90% of those voters would participate in primary elections — if only they could.

Opening the primaries to non-affiliated voters would be more than a technocratic election law change.

Since Democrats dominate in almost every part of New York City, the Democratic Party’s primary is, in effect, the only election that counts.