Oh Jwwb!!!


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Before this goes any further, I'm just effing with Pete. I really do not think Bean is Pete or Pete is Bean. :peace:


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I say it's a Pete, Pandora, Penn, Kain mixture

:lmao: Girl, I don't need an MPD to tell anyone what I think. I only had to resort to using this sorta kinda MPD after getting banned for expressing my opinion. :popcorn:

You can scratch me off your list of suspects.... What a line up there... :roflmao:

Just behind a couple of hags.

:faint: :roflmao:

Thanks for the laugh!


When your tongue turns black and falls out, will you post pics?


Now, why would my tongue turn black? :rolleyes:

Originally Posted by vraiblonde
Does your husband know that kissing you is like tasting every dick in SoMD? That if you had as many of you sticking out if you as you've had stuck in you, you'd be a porcupine?