Okay, what's going in the McKay's?


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Shoppers food warehouse will be going into California McKays, Leonardtown McKay’s, and Charlotte hall McKays. California first.
Nothing like failing once, now go for the trifecta

sorry, for the store in San Souci (or whatever it's called) to be successful it needs to provide transportation and stock up on chicken feed, gizards, and other items commonly not found at the other grocery stores.


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It always seems that when a Shoppers or a Weis moves in - it's pretty much the SAME CRAPPY STORE.

Still don't know whatever will go in the old Food Lion where the Hobby Lobby is. Not my idea of a hoppin' shoppin' center.
An employee at the Harbor Freight in the 'Dorf told me they were opening a HF in that building..not sure what the pandemic did to those plans though.


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Highfalutin. It's a 19th century themed high society formal ware store. Apparently Sneakers and Gilligan are fancy folk.
Yeah, you know how it is.... more money than cents.

Yes, I know it's spelled differently.... It's a joke.

Hell, now I'm even explaining the jokes because I know no one will get it.....


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Now THAT would be good news to me.... I don't care a wit about all the grocery stores. They come..they go..they sell food...LOL
damn right walter white GIF by Breaking Bad

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From Shasho Consulting, P.A. Commercial Real Estate website:

Shoppers is now confirmed to be returning to California, MD at the Patuxent Crossing Shopping Center. Formerly known as San Souci Plaza.