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DoWhat, does she have acne or just a few zits? Because if she doesn't have a real skin problem, I wouldn't start going crazy with products that may dry or irritate her face.

When my 16 year old gets a blemish, she dabs a bit of toothpaste (not gel) on the zit before she goes to bed. It's typically gone (or at least WAY reduced) when she gets up in the morning.


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FromTexas said:
Wolverines can be cute but you wouldn't want to go to bed with one. :razz:

You have no sense of adventure. :duh:

DW -- maybe you should consider getting her the Bare Minerals make-up. I know -- as a teen -- I didn't pay much attention to what kind of make-up I used and probably didn't use the most skin-healthy stuff. The BM doesn't clog pores and is pretty skin-healthy as far as make-up goes. :yay:


Both of my sisters have terrible Rosacea and Proactive has cleared it up. However, like any skin product, in the first two weeks the problem will get worse before it gets better. It's likely that even if this product works for her in the long term, if she starts now her face will get even worse for prom.

(It is also unnecessary to get the expensive package- the cheapest one does a great job by itself and is no more expensive than what you find locally.)

Since money is no object, take her to a professional makeup artist the day of the prom. They'll know how to cover it up and she'll love being pampered.


DoWhat said:
Does it work?

My daughter is breaking out and her self esteem is low.

And Daddy wants his little girl "Happy".
My cousins daughter has the same problem. She's tried everything and nothing has worked. She has gone to a specialist who is putting her on a new med but I can't remember what the heck it's called.

Hopefully your daughters skin won't be as stubborn as my cousins...good luck :flowers:


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crabcake said:
I asked for bacon w/my breakfast; not spam. :boo:
But you have to admit - that was so random it was funny. :lol:

"I've never tried ProActiv. I got insurance instead."