PSA: Be careful when driving...


the poor dad
Rosered's meme reminded me of this pic I took a couple years ago while on walkabout. I did NOT move them to the other side of the road. Notice the one on the bottom is trying to stay anonymous - turtles version of put a bag on her face?? Or could it be turtle version of 69?


the poor dad
I took this video a couple years ago - this turtle needed no help crossing the road.



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I'm almost 98% certain I'm a chick, there was no wedding, and I'm not from Saint Mary's county.

Disclaimer - I've heard the jokes about inbreds in this area and it's not only untrue, it's a crappy thing to say. My apologies.
I've heard them about Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, hell, just about every state I've ever lived in (which is a bunch), and many I haven't lived in, has their own version of SMIBs. Even Great Britain has 'em, and I'm sure it's not just the royalty.