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I never saw dragons in the kitchen, but one time did see garden gnomes on my bedroom ceiling. Man, what a long night THAT was.
I was on a pain killer waiting to pass a kidney stone one time and when my husband came home I was laying on the sofa in the living room. He asked what I was doing and I responded to him like he was stupid (because in myy mind it was obvious)and told him I was petting the dog and talking to my mom on the phone. He then told me that the dog was outside and the phone was in the kitchen....


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My mom talks to aliens when the nurse gives her ambien.
I want to talk to your Mom.

I'm betting no one has thought to ask her what the aliens are telling her, and I want to be the first to know. Well, second at least.

And you already know I through a hell of a party!🥳


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I saw the report that says hundreds of millions of Starbux employees will go on strike because they cant go overboard with LGB...alphabet decorations celebrating their "uniqueness"...

So, maybe that alleged normal guy was another FBI plant that will yell, "TRUMP" before pulling out his hand brace AK-45 semi throttle Military style...... You know...