Serious Question - what does it take to get a date?


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Help wanted, obviously I'm doing something wrong.
What's the deciding factor for a woman to give you a chance?


American Beauty
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Wasn't your question answered here?



the poor dad
Try calling DebbieDee - she may still be looking for a place to live. Her kid should be out of the house by now (21 years later).



Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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Wasn't your question answered here?



..if momma ain't happy...
I can not imagine entering the dating field again.

I hope hubby lives a long, long time.

Actually, I hope I go first. He would have a great time re-entering the dating field.

Hopefully at 90.


Resident PIA
Did you tell me once upon a time that you play a musical instrument like a cello or something?
I may have, but please explain relevance to the topic? 🤣
I actually played several instruments, but all somewhat related.
In all honesty I was not gifted, it was through work, practice, that I could play well enough.