SMOW this weekend ? !


Just sneakin' around....
When the weather turns like this I make a fire, comfort foods, and binge-watch The Hobbit and LOTR.


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It sucks!
You got THAT right!!!


At least the wind is calm.


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Just be thankful no tornadoes. All day yesterday was weather alert day for Louisiana. Sad for some that lost a home, life or hurt. Just before Christmas, dang.


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2.3 inches of rain.
It seems to have stopped here in PF. Thank God.

Speaking of comfort foods, I'm going to make Cabbage Roll soup either tomorrow after work or on Saturday, and can have it as leftovers for a few cold days...


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and as the snow flies
a cold and gray Southern Murlin morn
another young boy is watchin' porn
in Hughesville
in Hughesville

and his momma's pissed
in Hughesville
cause if its one more thing that she dont need
is another set of messy sheets to clean
in HUghesville
in Hughesville
I hafta you have an agent yet?..signed any contracts?