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Keller bus overturned on Rt 4 at Skinners Turn.
It was a Keller bus and car skidded sideways that ended up being the cause of 5 shut down in Bryantown.
Took husband 2 hours from Bryantown to Hollywood. His truck got stuck in 4 low so 20mph top speed, even when he could have gone 30mph.
I hear trees cracking and breaking all thru our woods. Put some hot water in thermoses in case I don't have power later and need a warm beverage.


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So where are the pics??
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OK. Power is blinking on and off now.
We just had a few prominent brown outs.
Yeah, here too...gawd I don't feel like dragging that genny our of the shed...
Mommy Dearest doesn't use her back porch any more, so the generator has a permanent home out there. If I need to run it, I set up a box fan to divert the exhaust fumes away from the back door. I haven't had to use it in the 5 years I've had it, but it gives her peace of mind.


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Just heard a loud crash out in my back yard. Big branch broke off of a tree. Need to go out and check to see if it damaged my fence.


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Do you have to check during storm? EMS is reporting lots of 'personal injury' calls they cannot get to.
I walked out on my front porch and was able to see over to the side/backyard where the branch came down. It was actually 2 branches out of 2 separate trees. Fence appears to be in tact. The wind was blowing trees in my side yard so I figured I’d do a closer inspection later and not risk getting hit by anything else that may fall.