So what are the good SoMD restaurants now?


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I like Popeyes chicken, but I don't drink soda. Most fast food joints must make their biggest profit margins on sides and drinks. It is a pain trying to explain to the Clown Mouth speaker every time that I don't want a "Meal Deal". It is probably good for me in the long run, because it keeps me away from drive thru junk food.


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Good grief, that changed hands AGAIN?? That's a great location and sometimes the food is good, but it literally has become a new restaurant every damn year.
Yep. Changes hands very regularly. I had high hopes for it when my boy Rick had it....but he blew the opportunity.


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So you haven't been there in 35 years?
Nope, loved terrorizing the area but moved away never to return. Last time I was at the Tiki they accused me and my buddy of stealing the Tiki Idol, we were as innocent as a mofo I tell ya! I lived So Calvert where I lived, the Am Legion in Lusby had weekly turkey shoots and free arsters for all shooters cheap assed beers and I was reasonably lucky on the slots.
Rudy's and Rosies at Pax were fun piss on the floor dive bars.


Cheesesteak Rick or a different one?
Yum..I like Rick's cheesesteaks!

Sounds like the place across the street from the Tiki Bar
Actually, JimmyZ has been running that since it was Harbor Sounds, although the style/name has changed a few times. He and his 'people' are running the Bugeye too.
edit - and speaking of the Tiki Bar, they cleaned up the old sushi place and have opened up a little neighborhood pub 3 or 4 days a week. Lots of TV's and even though the place needs a little character, the food is not too bad at all, and there is usually a drink special or two. Don't go in there looking for Lighthouse or Bugeye, but a basket of shrimp and a beer is just right.
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It is a pain trying to explain to the Clown Mouth speaker every time that I don't want a "Meal Deal".
This has got to be one of the most made up problems I have ever seen. I have never once had an issue stating what I want from a menu when ordering. They may try and upsell a combo meal but you just say no thank you.