So When do the Masks Come Off?


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I ****ing called it! I knew that this whole "pandemic" was a pollical thing all the long. It was to promote the mail in election..


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This really is all BS. I've been up and down the east coast, stopped at many places in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina and have been in many stores and restaurants and people are not wearing a mask. I know of someone personally that really does have a bad underlined health condition and that she goes to the hospital every 2 weeks to have fluid drained from her lungs and get this.... SHE HAS NEVER BEEN ASKED ABOUT COVID OR HAS NEVER BEEN ASKED ABOUT TAKING THE COVID SO CALLED TEST. I myself have been to the doctors for a checkup and also never been asked. If you get rid of the media chances are this will all go away. Think about it, that's all you hear about on the news. I'm sorry, what's going on in the rest of the world. All the media wants to focus on is the bad. I can tell by people's reaction they also are tired of this crap. Guess I've said enough. You all get the picture...............


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This really is all BS. I've been up and down the east coast, stopped at many places in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina and have been in many stores and restaurants and people are not wearing a mask.

It's like this

  1. Authoritarian Power Grab by Democratic Politicians / Bureaucrats
  2. Media Driven Panic Porn - Stories drive clicks and advertising dollars


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Seriously though, does anyone know if the masks do come off on the 12th or is it predictions or rumors? I ask because I was told they were gonna come off back in September. Witch didn't happened..


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Well doesn’t look like the masks are coming off in 2021 - a new variant has been found in the USA. And I bet a new new variant will be found for 2022 as well...

Colorado health officials confirm highly infectious coronavirus variant found, first in US
Except, Dr. Scott Atlas is disagreeing with that whole deal, as well.

America has been paralyzed by death and fear for nearly a year, and the politicization of the pandemic has made things worse by adding misinformation and vitriol to the mix. With vaccines finally being administered, we should be entering a joyous phase. Instead, we endure still more inflammatory rhetoric and media distortion.

Americans need to understand three realities. First, all 50 states independently directed and implemented their own pandemic policies. In every case, governors and local officials were responsible for on-the-ground choices—every business limit, school closing, shelter-in-place order and mask requirement. No policy on any of these issues was set by the federal government, except those involving federal property and employees.

Second, nearly all states used the same draconian policies that people now insist on hardening, even though the number of positive cases increased while people’s movements were constrained, business activities were strictly limited, and schools were closed. Governors in all but a few states—Florida and South Dakota are notable exceptions—imposed curfews, quarantines, directives on group gatherings, and mask mandates.

Mobility tracking verifies that people restricted their movement. Gallup and YouGov data show that 80% to 90% of Americans have been wearing masks since early August. Lockdown policies had baleful effects on local economies, families and children, and the virus spread anyway. If one advocates more lockdowns because of bad outcomes so far, why don’t the results of those lockdowns matter?
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Well - it is... People are getting tired of it all. Back on Dec. 17th, Larry Hogan responded to a post where somebody said

“We’re getting Hogan fatigue. Please make it stop,”

by posting;

“I’m getting fatigued with your stupid comments every day. If you are tired of seeing what I say on my Facebook page why not just get the hell off my page and you won’t be so bothered by listening,”

Governor Larry Hogan - Posts | Facebook

But it does feel like these politicians get up and say the same crap every single day and get mad when numbers go up - like we are all children who didn't follow the rules and that is why this is happening.

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