Something bugging me!!


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but thanks Lauren :biggrin: And, don't forget to pick up you know what you know where you know when! :biggrin:

Got it!! Good thing I heard the secret message today and used my Ovaltine secret decoder so I could decipher that message!


Be about it
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I certainly hope that was not a reference about her lost sling-shot. That was supposed to be a dead issue as well. :rolleyes:

NNNNNNNOooooooooooooooo....and just when I thought it was forgotten!!


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How can your husband ever expect to build a bond with your son if he never spends quality time with him? It's not up to the child to plan events - it's up to the adult.

My sentiments exactly.

If your husband isn't making an effort, I'd really question how much he really wants to be involved to begin with, and if it's important to you that your husband is involved with your son, I might think about kicking him to the curb and finding one who will be.

I hope your talk tonight went well. For your son's sake.