Something Killed my Rooster...what was it?


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The leg part sounds like the work of a ferret to be honest. I know that seems radical, but that's kind of a trade mark of theirs.


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I am truly sorry for your rooster. I have chickens as pets, both hens and roosters. The predators around us have gotten so bad we have to lock our birds up at night in their coops to keep them from being eaten alive. We try not to let them out until it's light. We've had to let them out (and not put them up) while still dark and have found one hen with her head missing, one hen totally gone and a hole in the side of the cage, and just recently we caught a racoon in the act of trying to eat the head of one of our roosters, who was protecting his girls. Brave little boy. His neck was broken so we had him euthanized. So I would think it may be hungry opposums, racoons and owls also eat the heads only. Too much building, not enough natural food for their population.

You people can go ahead and laugh but some people are bird people and enjoy them as pets. Some of my roosters are smarter than a few folks I personally know. And much braver and better providers. You could try putting out some live traps and catching and relocating the little fury troublemakers. We caught 3 in a row one week. No problems since. Also build a coop and put them up at night and lock the door. Just my opinion of course. Again, I'm one who is truly sorry for your loss.




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We HAD nine ginnies and now we have four. We found 1 in our corn feild dead but it had no holes in it. it was just dead.... Ma said maby cyotee??


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I had something getting into my hen house that would eat the head off the chickens. One morning I fed them real early and found an opposum in there. Got the gun out and I now have a picture of mewith a big smile holding a dead possum in one hand with my gun in the other. It was the first & so far the last animal I ever killed and it actually felt good.


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Generally hawks will eat only the head. They actually simply pull the head off with their very powerful beaks. In order to accomplish this they may hold their prey down with their very strong talons. A fox would have shaken it and torn the entire bird. You would have had feathers everywhere. The chickens have now lost their leader and being stupid chickens can not do much more than hide. I would recommend you get another rooster.
Take care that he and the chickens get on together ok.