Something Killed my Rooster...what was it?


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I came home from work two nights ago at around 10pm and found my Rooster (who was a very large one) laying in my yard. He was decapitated and there was no head anywhere. There was also no blood. Something tried to tear off his leg..or so it appeared and his chest was very bruised up. He also had a hole in his back.. What the hell did this? I live on the Mattawoman. Would Raccoons do this? I have two other chickens that were in the bushes in shock and they will not even go outside now. Any Ideas?

it was prolly a hawk


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I've had this happen too. I watched a opposum attacking my rooster and they definitely chew on their heads. I chased him off before he actually killed my boy but he had broken his neck so I had him euthanized to keep him from suffering anymore. I've also found one of my hens exactly in the same position you fournd your boy and it was an owl that got her. Saw it fly off as I walked up on them. So owls may have done it too. Always seems to happen around dawn or dusk, when we let them out of their locked coops in the morning or if we lock them up late, after it's dark. I'm sorry for your loss. I think chickens are great pets, in my opinion. And their eggies are mmmm good.