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Bought this about 5 years ago, used it once on 6 to 8 inch snowfall a few years ago just to see how it worked, worked alot better than a blade on my tractor, even with weights and chains, it didn't do a very good job. The ATV with a blade is the way to go, neighbor kid has one and he made short work of a 50 yard driveway with one of the bigger snows 6 or 7 years ago.

If it were just my driveway, I might go with just a blower, but we all paid a good chunk a couple years back to repave the private road.. Either I do it or the neighbors nephew does it with a drag blade off the back of his JD. Or he doesn't for a few days and it ends up packed ice. Probably use the battery snow blower to clear e small dogs a potty place first thing


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Since all the guys are showing off their snow equipment, here's mine. I've had her for 20 years and she's never cost me a dime in upkeep. :yay:

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My plow rig is a tired old 1978 F-150 with a Meyers plow on the front and a 15kw Onan generator on the back.,...been quite a few years since I've had to get it running though...


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Knee deep to a 6' kid in north central PA. 22"+ in north Jersey at my brother's house. The snowfall rate was 1.5"/hr around 6 pm.

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JB Weather is reporting a foot of snow in South Central PA:

For those following— I now have a foot of snow here in South Central PA! Light snow will continue here through tomorrow, so we’ll likely add on another inch or two!
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