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they knew that it had to be transmitted without exposure to air, so - sex, blood transfusions, shared needles, umbilical from mother to child.
Initially they said being Haitian was a risk factor for contracting AIDS. With prostitution being a common way of life there, there was a lot of female to male HIV transmission.

Then all of a sudden, being Haitian was removed from the risk factor list. It was like it was never there. And it wasn't talked about why that was done.


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Did your high school have a softball team?
And field hockey. Trust me, we had some big thick girls - but I knew them. They liked GUYS. A few were also cheerleaders.

I'm sure there WERE lesbians and I was just lousy at spotting them. When I see two very manly looking women holding hands at the store, it's not hard. In the 70's, my guess was if you were gay and could disguise it, you got good at it. How many average movie-goers suspected that Rock Hudson, or Montgomery Clift or Marlon Brando - were gay (or at least, bisexual)?


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A friend of mine from school was great at spotting lesbians.

All he had to do was ask one of them out, and if she turned him down, he knew right away.

Huh. That happened to me a lot, just assumed it was me. Who knew??


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"The Earth is flat."

"Ok. What happens when the sun sets? If the earth is flat, wouldn't the sun run into the earth? and the Moon and stars? And when they run into the earth, because it's flat, couldn't you just walk to the sun or moon?"