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He agrees with both you and me that this virus can flare up and create unsafe places! This comes straight from our man’s mouth, so you now have to accept it as true.
No Sapidus, No I do not .... And that is NOT What Trump Said

And you know what that means, don’t you sugar lumps???? If Covid can have convention-altering flare ups ... then .... say it with me now, pumpkin ... then it is different / harder to deal with than the standard flu!!!!!!!!

I said Fatal ......
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If I may ...

No Sapidus, No I do not .... And that is NOT What Trump Said.

I said Fatal ......
Here is a direct quote from our dear leader:

“I looked at my team, and I said the timing for this event is not right, just not right with what’s happened recently. The flare-up in Florida to have a big convention is not the right time.”
- President Donald Trump

This absolutely confirms what was plainly obvious even before: this virus is NOT the same as the common flu.

“Flare-ups” of the common flu (a phrase we don’t usually use in the first place) do not cause folks to reschedule conventions.

This virus is more problematic than the common flu.

So glad we see eye to eye on this. Now, seriously buttercup, get your monstrously delicious ass into the kitchen and make me my sammich!

Edit: also, someone want to break it to the sweatiest, most ticklish love of my life, LR that Trump acknowledges both the existence and more-problematic nature of Covid? I think it’ll break his little heart. We might also want to get vrai’s non-idiotic take on Trump correcting her impression that this virus is no different than the common flu.
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This thread went off the rails and into the ravine. Quickly.

Back to my original post, let me try to explain myself better.

I have been more involved, if not the most involved, in politics at all levels of government than anyone on this forum. Normally I am a "we" person, but let me be an "I" person for a bit.

Since I was about 24 years old, about 25+ years now, I have taken part in our democratic process, mainly from an ag point of view. At the county level, I have participated in commissioner meetings and given my opinions and advice both in person and in the written word. I have been appointed to local commissions and advisory groups and taken the roles seriously, giving it 110%. I organized a peaceful demonstration at the governmental center because of a comment made by one of the planning commission members, where we had 25+ farmers drive their tractors & combines to Leonardtown with more than 50+ farmers packing the P&Z meeting room. Our voice was heard. I have called and written to county commissioners along with attending public forums and budget hearings to have my voice heard.

At the state level, I have been to Annapolis and testified before legislative committees. I have met with our elected representatives and hosted them on my farm. I have been to many social gatherings and meetings with state elected representatives making sure my voice was heard. I was involved in a 2 year leadership program where we traveled around the state and across the Atlantic to talk about political issues affecting us all. All of this done on my own time.

At the federal level, I have been to Washington DC many times and walked the halls of Congress to meet with my elected representatives and their staff to have my voice heard. I have been on trade missions overseas to talk with foreign leaders and government officials advocating for American farmers. I have hosted international delegations and federal officials on my farm. All of this to have my voice heard.

So when I read that congress critters are not coming to Washington to vote in person, or County Commissioners hold a "virtual" public forum not advertised and has no participation by the public, or that millions of people can vote by mail without showing up person to prove they are alive, I get scared. Our government was formed by the people, for the people. WE THE PEOPLE MUST BE HEARD!

Scary times I say.