This Is Scary Stuff


Because I knew nothing about it. And if I did, I would not have participated virtually- I’m old school - attend in person, shake hands, make myself known, talk one on one with those who matter before and after the forum.
Cuz you are a big fing puzzy all talk living in your parents basement punk.


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Cuz you are a big fing puzzy all talk living in your parents basement punk.
Just to straighten you out; he's a happily married man with several lovely children, a straight arrow, a home owner, a farmer, and a business owner. Its very successful by the way. Maybe when you grow up, you'll be as well rounded as TPD.


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So now we have an internet bully named Mr No Hygiene
I'm with the OP, I never heard about and frankly I would be more inclined to go in person.
When they said "evening" was it like 7 or 8 PM. Because that's about when my free time starts.
I think the virtual SMCPS hearing on Back to School is at 1600. I'm still at work.


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When will people learn that it doesn’t matter what your background, family status, employment status, or current residence is?

If you characterize our current Covid situation as a “con job,” then you get it.

TP could be a horrible family man with a stupid overrated farm in Virgina, or he could be the complete opposite as SG and others claim. It doesn’t matter. He understands the truth about this “pandemic,” and that’s all you need to know.

I heard from some family in Florida the other day and a distant cousin was all crying because her 60 year old hubby had just died “of Covid related health complications.” TP a— and every other forumite who shares our understanding of the truth — would have responded just as I did: “Cry me a river you stupid blubbering cow; this Covid crap is no big deal.”