Tropical Storm - something


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A few friends have posted videos of the Bay looking rather choppy already. Seeing reports of 2-4 feet surge above high tide in the Potomac.
I knew I should have had pontoons welded to the bottom of the RVs.


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Just had a couple of flickers, but it's not even stormy out. No wind, little rain. Maybe someone hit a pole.


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We used to travel to Murphy twice every year for offroad wheeling events in the Tellico ORV area. Love that country.
They have some pretty big events at one called Busco Beach here in Goldsboro. But Goldsboro is not in the pretty part of the state


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@Gilligan - I know from your posts you are pretty low down in SGI, as am I over in Solomons. Things are looking better every minute, but I am not letting my guard down. At 4' above MLLW my driveway is wet, and at 5', I have water in the carport turned shop (not converted by me.) My defense plan is to turn off electric in the shop and make sure I have no cardboard boxes in there if there is a threat of water intrusion....That works until about 6'. The bottom floor of the actual living space is safe until about 8, or maybe 9'. I think that is the 50 year flood plane where I am. Stay safe SOMD'ers.


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Watching weather now, storm surge here is supposed to be about 1-1.5', but I know that doesn't always hold for SGI.


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I was looking forward to get the heavy rain until I found out that both my boys had to work today. Now I am glad that it seems to be only a wind event so far. I hope it stays that way until they can both get home. Then the heavy rain can start.


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looks like I bought all that "Flex Seal" for nothing... Well, next spring I'll make a boat with it, launch it at Point Lookout and scream "Yahoo"
Pro Tip: spray a coat of Flex Seal on your Fruit o the Looms. Save big money not having to buy Depends every month.