Urrrgh relationships




I hope that everything works out for you.... and that you have all the happiness in the world:)


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If you love something , let it go right
Right! Sometimes relationships need a breather so everyone can get their head together and decide what they really want. Good luck to both of you - everything will work out, one way or the other...you'll see.


Vraiblonde is right...

This could be the test. I wish you both luck!


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Whoa, wait a minute!
I'm sorry, but you're not getting one of those "I wish all the best" comments from me.
You two get back together immediately. First of all, you obviously care about each other enough to have carried all of this out on the forum, but you OWE it to all of us.
What would happen if Ozzy all of a sudden said "mmfff...d..dd...dd...uhh....f$@&ing Sharon, it's...o...o...f$&%ing OVER!"
We've grown accustomed to this daily dose of reality, and you simply can't cancel the show right in the middle!

Now kiss and make up, or I'm going to go through immediate withdrawal!!!


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Funny...It has been quite dramatical here. But right now we are not purseuing anything more. Make that I am not. I am quite sure some ppl will have some things to say about me "giving up" But I'll deal with it.

The kids by the way...well I explained to them I am mommy's friend, just they(the girls) are my friend. They are ok right now. SO hopefully I haven't hurt them too much. I already hurt crystal enough.

nothing else to say for now :rolleyes:


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Thanks guys and haha Bk

But hey cant win no matter what you do. As Jaime says such is life.

But thanks everyone. Now does nayone know how to mend a broken heart?

Yeah the kids are fine. They told their dad which was not good but as far as that &^$%$ is concerned he can get the ___ over it. lol (see still have somewhat of a sense of humor)


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I'm new to the forum, but I've been following you two guys for a couple of weeks. I would like to make just one observation.

In my limited experience with relationships, after six months of going out a strange thing happens - the other person starts to get on your nerves. Little things that didn't bother you before suddenly irritate the heck out of you. If you continue to see each other, after about 6 months or a year (dependings on how often you see each other), one of two things happens - miraculously these things (like forgetting kid's underwear) no longer bother you. OR, they still bother you. Then you have to decide - can I live with this for the rest of my life?

You kids rushed into it. You decide to move in JUSt at the point you're starting to irritate each other. CHILL!!! Keep dating - just as you were. Give it some more time. If after 6-9 months you both don't feel it's right - then break up. You seem so good together - you've invested so much time in this relationship - give it a little more time to get over this bump. If it doesn't work you're back where you are now. If it does work - well, isn't that worth waiting for.

Please - stay together and give it another chance.


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*nods* I am going to have to strongly agree with devil woman on this one! You have to listen to each other and not what everyone else is telling you.

I have watched and seen, and obviously you care about each other or you would not even bother of writing about it on trying to get advice!

but then...that is just my opinion


I am so sorry Romance

that you an Jaime's relationship is over. At least you can remain friends with each other. You are in my thoughts, I know how hard break-ups can be.


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You two suck!!! I was hoping to see a SOMD wedding! No but, you two stay close, and if it was ment to be, you two will find your way back to each other!! Good Luck! I know it's hard!


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Well we are supposed to still be friends. I dont know if he will ever come back to me but as long as we stay friends that will at least be soemthing. Hes my best friend in the world and i dont want to lose that


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I am eased....but ya know how it is sometimes. I or someone else might get offended. But I am not hateing anybody here. I started the thread so I have to expect replies I might not like.

Anyways...I have nothing else to say. the rest was said in that other thread.