Was I better off without it


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My brother is pretty sure he had it in late January last year. He did go ahead and get vaxxed because as a paramedic he has seen the worst of the affect rona can have. Because he is a normal human he didn't go bat poop crazy about wearing a mask unless he was working and knew his exposure risk was high. He also doesn't care if anyone else gets vaxxed or not, he knows that his risk is higher than mine. He knows that just because he sees the worst of things in his line of work, it isn't the norm. He knows if he got freaked out based on what he sees at work he would be afraid of pretty much everything in life.


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Now that I'm not running the roads any long, I started getting plugged in to the local community. Early June, I go to the local VA to get a handle on my annoying arthritis. Of course when you go in the clinic you get your temperature taken. Then there is the 87 question survey. Then they ask if you've been vaxxed. I had a planned family function coming up, so when they offered me the shot, I took it. I did the 1 timer because it was just easier to get it over with. I get the shot. I now have my vaxx card. No post shot issues. Life is good.

When I get back I go about my typical boring life. Last week I got 1 of those throat tickles. I've had them before. It was the same thing I had 2 years ago when I coughed so hard I got a hernia. But this 1 isn't that bad. I went deep sea fishing Thursday and coughed a few times. But nothing to concern the people around me. Plus, I've been vaccinated. Friday night it got worse. I took some airborne for an immune system boost. Saturday & Sunday was the same pattern. A few coughs during the day with increased cough once I went to bed.

Yesterday I went to the urgent care to get something to help fight this. They listen to my lungs and I get my nose swab. They tell me to sit tight. 4 minutes later they tell me I'm positive for covid. I get a packet of what to do in case it gets worse. They order me some antibiotics that I go and pick up. Other than the cough, I feel fine. No aches and no temperature.

So after running around the country for a year and a half unvaccinated, I finally get the shot and get sick. I thought the whole premise of the vaccine was so you wouldn't get the virus. But what happened to me isn't uncommon. It seems lots of vaccinated people are getting the virus. Perhaps getting the vaccine makes your symptoms milder if you do get the rona.

Now I get to hang out at home for a few days. If I croak over, Misfit can have my boat.
Damn!!! Doesn't it figure??? Hope you are feeling better and recovering quickly.


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Yes. My taste buds are still a bit diminished. Cough is 97% better. Thanks for asking.

I got out yesterday for the first time. It was liberating after hanging out at home for a week.
The thing that disheartened my dad so much about cancer was the treatments made everything taste like crap. It's such a small thing but I swear that's what bothered him the most.


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The taste/smell thing seems to be a common aid effect that lingers. My daughter had the covid in March and the taste & smell is still not 100%. My 80 year old aunt had it in December and hers is still jacked up.

When I've had a cold or the flu.. same thing.


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I would really be pizzed if I couldn't taste/smell. I like food too much. :jameo:
Me too!

But, they are both happy that they really weren't very sick at all.
Aunt's worst thing was when she had a roast in the oven and since she couldn't smell it cooking she forgot it was there. Until my uncle came in and smelled it burning!
Daughter was happy cause she couldn't smell the fields that had just been fertilized with 💩