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jazz lady

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Great pairing of Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. Title track from their album. Many thanks to my brother for suggesting them to me. :yay:


jazz lady

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Heard this lady for the first time yesterday morning and was blown away! Kim Scott is a classically trained flutist who performs jazz, neo-soul and r&b. :yay:

Her friends in Birmingham's South Hampton neighborhood always knew exactly where to find Kim while the rest of them were outside playing: in the bathroom, playing the flute.

The young girl hijacked the only bathroom in her home because of its unparalleled acoustics and made it off limits to her parents and two brothers while she stood before the mirror and accompanied music, mostly classical--usually for hours, until, she says now, "the show was over."

Well, the show's just getting started, and today those friends--and more--will find Kim Scott (she was Kim Felder back in the day, and off stage uses her married name, Kim Strickland) rising on the Billboard charts, performing at some of the world's most prestigious jazz celebrations, or speed walking through the hallways of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, where she directs the music department and is raising a new generation of young musicians.

As the God-fearing grand-daughter of Rev. Albert Felder, Sr., former pastor at Union Bethel Methodist Church (now the Union Bethel Christian Church), hers is truly a journey of a gift being rewarded through passion, continued learning and faith in abundance.

"My life," she says, "has been ordered."



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My iphone switched out a bunch of albums today and this was on. I'd forgotten that he did this until it came on. He looks so young.



A very young Sammy Hagar singing for a very young Ronnie Montrose.[video=youtube;tk52nGxF-jc]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk52nGxF-jc[/video]


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Wow! I haven't been on this tred in ages. It's probably been a couple of years, actually; at least. So much good music, so little time, it seems. I culled out a crap load of CDs that I haven't listened to in a long time - after ripping them to my hard drive, of course. I'm actually considering divesting of the final small box of my favorites...that I don't listen to anymore. Between Pandora, accuradio, youtube, and my hard drive, I haven't actually listened to a CD, other than Bob Seger's "Live Bullet" which I found yesterday while sorting through some stuff. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bob+seger+live+bullet+album

I really like his Nutbush City Limits, but he could have expanded it more.

Beth Hart does a Tiny-worthy cover as well.

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