What's for dinner?


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Throwing some burgers, dogs, zucchini, and asparagus on the grill. Have some lettuce and tomato and other fixings and raw veggies. Have both daughters and their boys here. Probably going to the tractor pull later.


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Honest to God Conversation:

Ring, ring

Herro, dis Chinee ressaraunt.

Me: Hi, The $10 order of Chow Mein, how much is that.

Chinee ressaraunt: It ten dolla.

Me: Oh, I'm sorry. I meant the amount, like how many does it feed? Is that a pint, or a quart, the quantity you know?

Chinee Ressaraunt: No, it ten dolla!!!


Just sneakin' around....
Spatchcocked a large chicken, going to indirect grill it with some cob corn. Tomato/mozzarella/onion salad.

Was just watching Project Smoke on PBS. He cut a 2" rib steak and put it directly on a bed of hot lump coal. I've done that with potatoes, but I gotta try this with a steak.


the poor dad
about to pour the 1st margarita of the day to help me decide what I'm having for dinner - maybe the T-Bones I got at the we-is yesterday - great sale at $6.99/lb!