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    Did anyone else see the caravan of police vehicles Saturday morning heading towards PAX?

    It was the annual Shop with a Cop event where they take children out shopping for Christmas presents.
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    Trump's tax returns already in Democrats' crosshairs as they take the House

    Seriously What is the OBSESSION With Trumps Tax Returns If there is nothing to hide, then the president should release them. It's been done by every presidential nominee since Richard Nixon. If Nixon can release his tax returns, then so can this president. Even at the local government...
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    Local elections

    Your information is not correct. There are 133 budgeted positions for law enforcement and 10 deputy vacancies as of this month.
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    building homes/townhomes behind Food Lion in Charlotte Hall!

    So I looked at the sign today. It's a realty sign. It's not a Land Use and Growth Management notice-of-a-public hearing sign. The RE/MAX sign says it is "conceptually designed for development," zoned residential mixed use on 134 acres, 135 single-family homes, 108 townhomes. There were no...
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    Why Does Gene Cline get to buy 7 acres of prime real estate for $5K + back taxes and I don't?

    They can dispose of public property, so long as a public hearing is held. The commissioners usually transfer unwanted property to other government entities. They don't often sell land to individuals. This place in San Souci isn't exactly prime real estate though and is actually a liability to...
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    Why Does Gene Cline get to buy 7 acres of prime real estate for $5K + back taxes and I don't?

    If you want it, go to the public hearing and make an offer.
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    Harris Teeter

    That's mainly due to geography. Generally speaking, on the east side of Three Notch Road is hilly terrain, erodible soils, tidal areas. The west side: flat and buildable land. Town Creek and Esperanza Farms, which are older neighborhoods, are good examples of the hills that I'm talking about...
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    SMC Tax Assesments

    There's always that phase-in period where after our assessments go up, we are paying off that increase over time since we have that 5-percent cap here in St. Mary's. If you are finished paying off those increases in value and your new assessed value decreases, there should be an immediate...
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    SMC Tax Assesments

    Residential assessments have been generally flat recently. Individually, decreasing assessments are a good thing. It means your property tax bill won't be as much as before.
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    Not looking forward to Atlantic Broadband's purchase of Metrocast

    The cable franchise agreement with the county does not pertain to rates, or channel selection:
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    Security Personnel at Point Lookout Confederate Monument

    The Confederate Memorial Park and the Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery are two separate entities. One is private (the one with the Rebel statue and the numerous flags); the other (with the two obelisks) is run by the National Park Service. Are you saying that security personnel are working at...
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    Gunfire ricochets into local park? Maybe?

    Facebook will connect you to more of your kind that want to continue Anglo-righteous slavery and supremacy. And yes, I own only white-only pools. Come on in, Whitey.
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    Gunfire ricochets into local park? Maybe?

    No legitimate "msm" would "change facts." Your Facebook friends inform your version of reality.
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    Gunfire ricochets into local park? Maybe?

    You would expect the same coverage if it was your family member who had concerns about gunfire. If the newspaper was reporting anything libelous, there would be lawsuits filed, and won.
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    Is it ever a good thing when....

    MDAT assesses one third of each county every year to update home values and often times they come out to actually look at homes. It should say on the back of the card if you need to do anything. Otherwise, just sit back and wait for your property tax bill, because it's coming.