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    See I thought the exact opposite . . that the previews really only had the tamer scenes and that they did a good job of keeping the suprises to the movie (Think - under the bed sheets and bus window - those were my favorites). I would also like to see the original . .
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    Ann Coulter at PAX NEX?

    That's why I deleted it . . . didn't see your post until after mine.
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    Are you a Frustrated Liberal?

    . . . Do you want to get away from a country composed 51% of bible-thumping redneck morons? The Canadians have come to your rescue. Just go to and hook up with a nice liberal Canadian man or women, willing to marry you to get you over the northern border faster ...
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    The plot isn't exactly the most advanced but it is pretty good as far as recent scary movies go. I am not ashamed to say that screamed out loud several times during the movie - it was a lot of fun. When I went the theater was packed and the audience was really loud - normally this might...
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    Privatization here we come!

    President Bush said on Thursday he planned to start work immediately on reforming America's ailing Social Security retirement system and predicted a long slog ahead. "We will start on Social Security now. We will start bringing together those in Congress who agree with my assessment that we...
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    Michael Moore-answer these questions

    We know where he is not . . and that is Florida. Apparently he was frustrated by the fact that the voting was going so smoothly and so he packed up and left for Ohio . . . Election So Smooth, Michael Moore Packs Up, Leaves
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    Upping the Anti

    I have decided that this whole Ohio thing is a conspiracy to delay Dems new avatar. Dems should do the honorable thing and concede!!!
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    Should Tards be Allowed to Vote?

    Sorry - sincerely - Heidi if I made you feel unwelcome. I will pay with Bad Karma for sure, so don't worry too much about it. I just thought it was funny that someone who was offended by the word "tard" couldn't spell and I couldn't help myself. Lord knows I don't always have correct...
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    Share Your 2004 Election Saga Story Here!

    Oh my god . . . I swear I thought I was being sarcastic . . . .
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    Should Tards be Allowed to Vote?

    I am not sure which is more disgusting, your incorrect use of the semi-colon or your horrible spelling.
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    Iraq wasn't haboring/funding terrorists!!!!

    Yeah . . and Clinton wasn't harboring or fornicating with interns either . . .
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    SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE (Constitution/Thomas Jefferson)

    Oh my god Pancake, you are right . . I should vote for Kerry because I am afraid that Bush is the demonic reincarnation of Hitler!! Oh, wait, I am not supposed to vote out of fear . . . good thing I already cast my ballot for Bush . . .
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    SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE (Constitution/Thomas Jefferson)

    Ummmm . . are you trying to do a comedy routine here? We were not founded on a religion in the sense that religion is mandatory or forced upon the people. Last time I checked we weren't all converted to the religion of the President as soon as he is sworn in. What we were founded on was the...
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    Drudge Flash: Strange things afoot in Philly

    New note on Drudge saying that "The Kerry Campaign says reports of votes already on machines is 'false'. " Now why would they do that, unless . . . . :whistle:
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    Upping the Anti

    Here is one to consider for your victory Jazz . . .