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    What did I see?

    Ya think a flying squirrel would fit in one of these?? 002162 - Big Daddyâ„¢ - Rockets
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    Maryland Crackdown on Illegals????

    Yup, then they failed english too... :lol:
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    Mental illness...

    Why are you all picking on the "Mentally Ill"??? :sarcasm: Dont know if you all noticed but there has been a surge in commercials/PSA's over the past couple years trying to "educate" the public and reduce bias against people with "mental illness" Those nice people arent dangerous...
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    Dearest JP

    Probably because you dont know how to use a scratching post. :lol:
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    List of banks in trouble

    Just ran across this list of banks that have enforcement actions levied against them. Is your bank on the list??? Unofficial Problem Bank List
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    Free classes

    :yeahthat: and the rescue squads and fire departments need the people.
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    Jersey Shore Season 3
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    Monitor problem

    I think its a sign from god.
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    New to me Suburban is already in the shop

    Doh! Didnt catch that, I just keyed on the RPM difference. Good luck huntr1, hope all goes well.
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    Obama is Unqualified to be President...

    Damn.... That dude is PISSED!! :lol: I'm guessing he actually pays taxes.
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    Birds drop dead - fish die

    SOOoooooooo... Does anybody happen to know if Chuck Norris plays Angry Birds? Maybe he moved on to Angry Fish after that???
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    New to me Suburban is already in the shop

    He had some torque converter work done too. With a 500rpm slip at 60, maybe it's the TCC solenoid? I hope so. thats a pretty simple fix.
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    Jersey Shore Season 3

    :yeahthat: I dont see what the big deal is. I dont like the show so I dont watch. Well, thats not ENTIRELY true... I wont actively seek it out, but if my fiance puts turns it on, I dont leave the room. Best trainwreck on TV right now!!! Have you guys seen the SOuth Park spoof with Snooky...
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    EPA and Carbon

    Commerce Clause is my guess.
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    Maryland's 'Supreme Court' rules on 2A issue

    If he registered the park addresss as his HOME address and it was aceepted, I suppose that means he can carry within the confines of the park huh? :lol: