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    5 Dogs left outside in 11 degree weather today

    Bunch of cats out there running around too
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    Dead chicks, darn fox!

    Tractor supply had some yesterday I thought they said they were leghorns and that they really needed to get rid of them because they were getting big enough to fly out of the containers. Should have killed the fox though. He will be back
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    red oak hand rail

    dean lumber can get it
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    pull behind campers too?
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    Warped and Sagging floor

    is it leaning out so the condensation runs outside and not in?
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    Cleaning siding

    super used to be in car section at walmart...not sure where in the store now (i havent bought lately) but dont spray it on and let it dry.....gotta do a spot only big enough that you can stay with it to scrub and wash the works great on those black stains...
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    i dunno....but i saw a bunch of county cops in bayridge up the hill a bit just sitting on the side of the road about 3:30
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    What the hell was that noise?

    Rail Gun?.....thought they were testing that this week
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    Flat Iron Farm

    we went last night....i dont think all the animals were out yet....but the zebras were cool
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    Ford F150 Tag D8J646 - U About to Get Towed

    are those ramps in the back.....maybe he had a 4 wheeler......maybe they are hurt.....guess it depends on where you live if thats even a possibility
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    Insulation Installers

    Dean Lumber
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    Power tool repair

    yep ....the other one closed
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    Power tool repair

    there used to be a guy at dysons that fixed tools....i would call and ask before i drove there.....hes cheap to
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    Roof Shingles

    lowes or dysons would probably be your best bet.....but 300 sq ft isnt very much roof....would have to be a very small house
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    zero turn mowers

    the scag is a beast...dont know about the rest....i have a craftsman riding mower too, the scag will cut my grass in almost a quarter of the does take a little time to get used to driving it, and hope u never get it seems likes it is good on gas but its hard to tell because...