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    Remember Drivers Education Training Films?

    I will NEVER forget the one where the truck tried to beat the train across the tracks and caught fire. The image of that totally burned body, still in a seated position as they removed it from what was left of the vehicle is forever burned upon my brain cells. Not only do we need to bring them...
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    Do kids just not trick or treat anymore?

    We live in a neighborhood full of houses, close together. I love to decorate & have fun so we had fancy carved pumpkins, lights, a couple of inflatables, some fake tombstones, a rotating light thing on the house, and I was in costume. We've been doing it for years so have lots of folks come by...
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    Glad to hear he made it back from his day laborer adventure in PG county...
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    Mosquito Explosion

    Well, dang! There goes my hope. Guess I'll have to rethink those bats...
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    Mosquito Explosion

    How much would you charge to come spray my little 50' x 150' city lot? I admit to being a tree-hugging, nature nut but when I can't be outside for 3 minutes without 10-15 of the suckers using me for a blood bank, all bets are off! And, no, I'm not going to put up a bat house. It was bad enough...
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    HELP!! Squirrel!!!!

    Oh, dear God! :roflmao: :clap: Well done! Somewhere in the house, we have this on an audio cassette. We used to play it on car trips with the kids, who all sang along! Thanks for digging that up! (Now I have to go see if the pirate song is on YouTube........)
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    HELP!! Squirrel!!!!

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    Pet Peeves

    ...and then draining something starchy, like potatoes or pasta right over those dishes instead of using the other side of the dual sink so there's an additional icky coating on those dishes! I pick mine, too!
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    HELP!! Squirrel!!!!

    Did you have to tell us about the babies? :bawl:
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    HELP!! Squirrel!!!!

    Alas, poor squirrel, he is no more (with apologies to The Bard). The men opted for a kill trap over my objections, operating under the theory that it was getting in and going back out and if they caught it and let it go, it would just come back in and we'd be stuck again. I looked it in the eye...
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    James Woods strikes again

    Why do you want to insult crones like that? How about using one of these words instead: idiots, morons, clueless, malignant, poisonous, etc.? I am assuming that you're not aware of the religions/belief systems that regard a "crone" as an elder wise woman. I am also assuming that you do not...
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    HELP!! Squirrel!!!!

    Bill couldn't make it. Some Van full of day laborers picked him up on their way to a job site in PG county. He tried to tell them that he wasn't waiting for their pick-up but they didn't understand English. Last I heard from him he was wandering somewhere inside the Beltway between Riverdale &...
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    HELP!! Squirrel!!!!

    I should! I could go viral! Seriously considering #6 but there are some health concerns. I think I'd still get the "little woman, what does she know, pat on the head". He wants out & he appears smart enough to know a kill trap when he sees it. At this point, I'd rather have him make it out...
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    weekend getaway

    Easier to make suggestion if you can share a few thing you like to do. For example, 1) hotel, cabin, or tent? 2) beach or mountains, 3) shopping, golfing, hiking, tennis, touring, heart-shaped bathtubs? Gives us some guidelines. You've got all kinds of folks on here with all kinds of interests...
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    HELP!! Squirrel!!!!

    UPDATE: Moose = losing Squirrel = winning Found Wildlife Management guy. Came the same day, installed trap. Came back, worked on trap option B, settled for trap option C. More ceiling tile gone by chewing. On "ceiling tile watch", AGAIN. Wildlife guy will stop back today. CONCLUSIONS: 1)...